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  • The Trafficking Of Smuggling Drugs

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    Smuggling Drugs in Airports Over the recent past, there has been major growth in illegal trafficking of humans, firearms and most importantly drugs (UN, 2012). These kinds of trafficking are characterized by greater organisation levels. They are also denoted by the presence of criminal groups and chains. Though these activities are not new, both the geographic area and scale of the present problem is unprecedented. The value of illegal trade in 2009 throughout the world was about $1.3 trillion (Jenner

  • The Trafficking And Smuggling Of Persons

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    Introduction The trafficking and smuggling of persons is one of the greatest international crimes that the modern world is currently facing. While both involve the movement of a person from one area to another through illegal means there are several differences between them. (1) The United Nations identified three stark differences between these two forms of crimes these being, Consent, Exploitation and Transnationality. In the smuggling of persons, the person consents to being smuggled while on

  • U.s. Border Security And Smuggling

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    Research Paper: U.S. Border Security and Smuggling The Land of the free and home of the brave…America…The land of opportunity. A land surrounded by borders both physical and geographical, borders that are made of steel and stone, water and trees. Since the beginning of this great nation as we know it, there have been border security check points in place to include port security. As time and events have occurred and elapsed, America’s borders have evolved. Significant events such as the attack

  • Human Smuggling And Human Trafficking

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    Human smuggling is defined as the act of facilitating, transporting or aiding the illegal entry of a person or persons across an international border, deliberately evading the country 's immigration laws. Human trafficking is similar, but not quite the same since the person being trafficked has not given consent, while smuggling is under an agreement between smuggler and customer. A victim of trafficking is also usually treated as possession to be controlled and exploited ("Human Trafficking Gale")

  • Human Trafficking And Human Smuggling

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    Although often mistaken to be the same, human trafficking and human smuggling are two separate illegal acts. Human trafficking is the crime against the person, while smuggling is the criminality against the state (Salt, 2000). The voluntary act of a person to transport trafficking victims across a border for monetary compensation refers to human smuggling. Although commonly performed for financial gain, sometimes individuals smuggle people to reunite them with their families. This can include

  • Drug Smuggling And Its Effects On The Society

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    Drug smuggling is one of the illegal trades that have created diverse impacts on the society. Curbing drug smuggling has been major headache to various governments and the entire global community. This paper analyses the prevalence of drug smuggling relating to various counties. In addition, this paper points out various logical reasons why drug smuggling has continued to thrive despite efforts to curb the situation. The paper further analyses various reasons why an individual is likely to engage

  • Drug Smuggling Research Paper

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    The Mexico-U.S border has many issues. It has problems with drugs, human trafficking, arms smuggling. The border that separates these two countries has quite a history. Drugs have been smuggled across the Mexico-U.S border for over 25 years. They have been a real problem. Cocaine has been one of the most popular drugs getting past the border. A text called, “Cocaine’s Blowback North: A Prehistory of Mexican Drug Violence”written by Paul Gootenberg, states, “By the mid-1990s, further U.S. pressures

  • Drug Smuggling And Its Effects On America

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    They engage in drug smuggling to carter for their needs. In addition, the viscous cycle of poverty in some societies has led to large number of people engaging in drug smuggling. Education is always viewed as a major factor in eliminating poverty. However, in some communities, high levels of poverty leads to school dropouts. These individuals who have dropped out of school easily indulge in drug smuggling since it is one of the activities that can earn them a living and requires little or no educational

  • The Prevalence Of The Problem Of Drug Smuggling

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    Drug smuggling is considered as one of the illegal trades responsible for creating diverse negative impacts on the society as well as the global community, hence, the concerted efforts placed by many governments targeting at curbing it. This essay aims at analyzing the prevalence of the problem of drug smuggling in various countries and to point out potential reason that escalate the menace despite existence of efforts targeted at preventing it. Furthermore, the paper targets at offering reasons

  • Illegal Immigration And Drug Smuggling

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    order to get these drugs into the U.S.  Drug smuggling has been an issue in the United States since the 1960s and the Border Patrol has made many efforts to stop drugs from crossing our borders. The Purpose of the Border Patrol is to secure and keep our borders safe. Recently their focus has been on illegal immigration and drug smuggling. Drug smuggling has become an increasing issue and the efforts of the Border Patrol are being pushed to stop these illegal activities. The influx of drugs into the