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  • Research Paper On Snowmobiles

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    The Snowmobile Ride I was running back and forth trying to find all my gear for snowmobiling! My Grandpa was going on the ride too, so was my uncle Troy. We all were trying to get our gear on. I’m the one who's always the first to put all my gear on. Then I was out the door like a streak of lightning. I was pulling and pullng trying to get my snowmobile to start. Then finally I got it to start. I drove it around the yard a bit to get it to warm up. Of course I had to wait for my grandpa and

  • Personal Narrative: I M Going To Be Okay

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    I’m Going to Be Okay “I’m going to be okay”. That is what my dad had always told me after his snowmobile accident. He liked to try to make me feel okay with everything after him having multiple surgeries. He started riding snowmobiles recently after he had healed. I was always scared for him. But, my dad would always tell me he needed to get past the fear of riding again. It showed strength that he could get past an accident like that. Throughout the years since his accident, our relationship has

  • My Father Is A Hero : My Hero

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    puts family first. My dad is always there for me when I need it the most. There have been many times he has come and saved the day. This is one that I will never forget, I was about twelve years old at the time. I had an old red 1994 340 Polaris snowmobile. I had drilled holes in the side and put screens over it so it would get more air flow. I also had about 50 stickers all over the hood. It looked like a racing sled and it went pretty fast too, my dad put some aftermarket clutching into it so it

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Perfect Sledding Hill

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    Besides soccer, sledding is something my sister and I love to do on snowy afternoons. We have this amazing hill at our house thats super steep and has lots on turns; its the perfect sledding hill. The only problem with it is that at the end of the hill there is a road. My father didn’t want us sledding on the hill until he could put a fence up to keep us from sliding into the middle of the road. Before he could put the fence up however, there was a enormous snow storm where twelve inches of snow

  • Descriptive Essay

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    Everyone usually needs a place to destress and relax from their hectic lives, somewhere to loosen up. When I need to unwind, I head to Colorado. Although I truly love every part of the state, Durango is one of my most favorite places to visit. This calm town found in the southwestern part of the state close to the New Mexico border. My family usually stays in a secluded cabin somewhere off the beaten path, where we can take it easy, enjoy each other and make the best memorie. Some days during

  • Persuasive Essay On National Park

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    the engines. Yellowstone has been and always will be one of the great American National Parks. Yellowstone, however, is facing the problem of pollution. The pollution is affecting the quality of life the animals in the park need and are used to. Snowmobiles should not be allowed in Yellowstone national park, due to the detrimental effects it has on the park. Yellowstone was one of the first national parks in the U.S., it has a rich history and culture behind it, but it did not come without difficulties

  • My Experience On The Adventure Of My Life

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    on a snowmobile trip! I burst thru the front door of my house ran up to my bedroom and got straight to packing packed a backpack with my cloths and a dophile bag with my brand new helmet, gloves, jacket and snowpants carried my bags downstairs and sat them in the mound of other bags from my brother and dad. I helped my dad and brother carry all our stuff outside setting it into my dad's truck we then backed up my dad's truck to our snowmobile trailer where we had already had 3 snowmobiles loaded

  • Personal Narrative Essay : The Day Of A Snowy Day

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    full of laughter and fun. Once we finally made it too our destination, each member in our family was given a helmet and a pair of goggles. We were instructed to just hold our helmets while the instructors gave their presentation on how to work the snowmobile. I can still clearly remember about half way through their speech my helmet felt extremely heavy, like it was a 20-pound weight. I decided to look up to my dad and let him know that something wasn’t right. He looked right back down at me and said

  • A Trip For A Cabin At Island Park

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    Sadly, those people would be right. This year my priest quorum had been planning the trip for a month before we even knew the date of the trip. When I had gone the year before, it had been mostly enjoyable, besides the fact that I had no idea how to snowmobile; however, I hoped that it would be better than the prior year. We: Kyle Mortenson, Josh Bingham, Wyatt Dansie, Kyle Davie, Jeremiah Powell, Taber Hansen, two

  • Personal Narrative: My Supermowl

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    hats and mittens. Hunter and I were ecstatic to go out on the snowmobile. % We hadn't be able to do it in a long time, and we were jumping off the walls because we finally got ours fixed. We eventually were bundled up in our thousand layers of clothes, and waddled with excitement outside to the snowmobile. I hopped on in the front, my father following behind me and Hunter behind him holding on to his waist. My father starts the snowmobile up, and we took off. We drove through the trails we made in