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  • Drinking Diet Soda Is Healthier For You Than Drinking Regular Soda Filled With Sugar

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    Next, many consumers believe that drinking diet soda is healthier for you than drinking regular soda filled with sugar but studies are starting to show that artificial sweeteners may actually lead to diabetes. Mary Ann Yantis, PhD, RN, a nurse educator for Nursing Education Consultants and Kate Hunter, RD, LD (2010), a clinical dietitian at Adventist Medical Center reports (2010) that drinking more than one serving of diet soda per day can increase your risk of metabolic syndrome by more than 36%

  • Honors Chemistry Common Lab Assessment

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    Amount of Sugar in a Carbonated Beverage Name: Elisa Johnson Lab Partner: Marleigh Bickel Block 1 Honors Chemistry Experiment Date: Thursday October 9, 2014 Report Date: Friday October 27, 2014 ABSTRACT: The purpose of this lab was to investigate the amount of sugar in carbonated beverages by using the density of solutions, and also to create a standard curve with the percent sugar in sugar solutions. INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this lab was to investigate the amount of sugar in carbonated

  • The Relationship Between Density And Sugar Content

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    The Relationship Between Density and Sugar Content Danielle Shaub Partners: Emily Alexander, Bill Dempsey, Shayla Ho Lab Performed 03/11/15 & Lab Report 04/07/15 Abstract: Using solutions of sugar and water alongside cola, density and percent sugar can be related. The purpose of this lab is to discover how and with what benefit these factors can be related. Using assorted measurements and the standard curve of the calculated densities and percentages of sugar solutions, it was learned that cola

  • The Amount Of Sugar On A Carbonated Beverage

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    Ryan Hughes, April 3, 2015 Experiment date: 3/ Report date: The Amount of Sugar in a Carbonated Beverage Abstract The purpose of this lab was to determine the percent of sugar in a solution as well as the percent sugar in a non-diet soda. The experiment was The experiment was carried out by comparing densities of sugar in soda to the density of sugar in solution of water. After the experiment it was found that the manufacturers measurements were accurate. Introduction The purpose

  • Preparing Your Argument Essay

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    Preparing Your Argument Graphic Organizer Audience Identify and describe your audience. -The audience are people who enjoy soda and drinking a lot of it. They are against the soda ban completely. Research Where did you find this source? How do you know it is credible? Source: electronic Web, It gives facts from reliable sources Source: electronic Web, Provides statistics and info from different organizations and people who have studied the subject

  • Children Of The New Generation

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    teaching the children of the new generation? Fast food is the easy route and not just that but it taste so good. Is this going to make the world a healthier place even if there are healthy options on the menu? I want to research the intake of diet soda, regular soda, and sweetened beverages and how this can possibly bring harm to the human body. Also, I want to further my research by looking at the different policies that come along with food. Obesity is a huge problem in America. Due to all the new technology

  • The Dangers Of Drinking Soda's Bad Habits

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    today's society Americans have a lot of bad habits: one of them is drinking soda. “The average American drinks about two cans of ‘soda’ every day” (7 side effect).While we've always known that sugar can cause cavities and weight gain, now experts are linking it to much more worrisome health probs like fatigue, headaches, depression, acne, heart disease and even cancer (Flynn). For most of her life, Abbey Amdt, 33 , has been a soda addict. Her weight problems began at age 10. Not long after she started

  • Diet Soda Research

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    Diet soda is generally considered a healthy alternative to their sugar-filled counterparts. However, many studies have begun to link the consumption of diet soda to several diseases and conditions, including - ironically - diabetes and childhood obesity. Drinking diet sodas on a daily basis while pregnant has been associated with a higher deviation from the average body mass index among children at a year old, according to researchers at the University of Manitoba in Canada. Their data collection

  • Food Waste In Food

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    Soda is this sort of horrific element for your each day fitness due to many reasons. Soda does not incorporate any vital vitamins wished for a healthy diet, simply sugar. Soda is complete of empty energy, it does now not comprise any nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, or fiber. It adds nothing on your food plan except excessive amounts of added sugar and needless calories. Added sugar is very fattening, even extra so liquid sugars together with corn syrup. beverages with sugar do now not make you

  • What Is No More Soda Essay

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    No more soda What does health mean to me? What health means to me is the well being of your body. Everybody has to maintain a good diet so we can be healthy. If we don’t take care of our body’s when we are young, our life expectancy will decrease. Soda dehydrates the body and over a long period of time it may cause chronic dehydration. It is also bad for our teeths, a research done showed that drinking soda regulary may cause cavities and gum disease. One of the things that I have been wanting to