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  • Soda Ash Lab Report

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    The soda ash form experiment 3 was obtained. A 250 ml beaker was obtained and rinsed. The amount of soda ash needed for the experiment was calculated using the following equation: sample weight of unknown=0.1103M (18ml×150.99)/(10×2× %〖Na〗_2 〖CO〗_3 ) An analytical balance was used to weight the calculated amount of soda ash. A piece of weighing paper instead of a weighing boat was used. The mass was recorded. The weighed soda ash was transferred into a 250 mL beaker, then the sample was dissolved

  • The Black Snake Firework Experiment

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    fluid, baking soda, and powdered sugar. We will control the amount of baking soda added. We will start with the designated amount and increase in increments to see how large of a snake we can grow. All elements could be potentially dangerous when combined with each other, but the particular black snake firework experiment chosen is the least dangerous. In this experiment fire is a big part of the black snake. But, it is also proven that your fire can be extinguished with baking soda. That intrigued

  • Removal of Hardness of Water Using Precipitation and Complexation Methods

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    Report the result as ppm of CaCO3 in the solid unknown sample that was supplied to you. CHEMICALS AND EQUIPMENT Funnel Na2CO3 solution Graduated cylinder Soap solution Test tube Distilled

  • Sustainable Building Material...

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    Green Building A Guide to Sustainable Building Materials and Methods in Santa Cruz County Funded through waste reduction grants from the City and County of Santa Cruz Departments of Public Works, and in cooperation with Ecology Action. Green Building: A Guide to Sustainable Building Materials and Methods in Santa Cruz County © 2004, Ecology Action of Santa Cruz Principal Authors: Barry Hooper & Karsten Mueller, Ecology Action Editor & Kiosk/Graphic Designer: Jenny Shelton, Shelton Design

  • Monsanto: Better Living Through Genetic Engineering

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    441 441 CASE STUDIES A summary of the case analysis I N T R O D U C T I O N Preparing an effective case analysis: The full story Hearing with the aid of implanted technology: The case of Cochlear™ – an Australian C A S E O N E high-technology leader Delta Faucet: Global entrepreneurship in an emerging market C A S E T W O DaimlerChrysler: Corporate governance dynamics in a global company C A S E T H R E E Gunns and the greens: Governance issues in Tasmania C A S E F O U R Succeeding in the