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  • Examine one of the ways in which the technological changes and/or economic conditions of the 1980s

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    thus making way for more creativity. It used a distinctive computer screen and a light pen a computer screen as display and a light pen system to navigate the screen, this made sound manipulation much easier compared to it’s rival, the digital synthesizer. Many number one recording artists such as Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel and Stevie Wonder used the early Fairlight for their recordings. In her publication Popular Music Brabazon draws our attention to the use of the CMI on two chart topping recordings

  • 50s legacy in the Digital Era Essay

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    ENT 201 Entertainment Since 1945 Assessment Description: Students are required to submit a report based on their first assignment, their in-class presentation and feedback from their peers. The report should focus on the topic: “The roles of culture and technology in the future of entertainment”. This should address any issues raised during the in-class discussion including opinions, arguments, insights or points of view raised by the class. It should present a synopsis of the student’s

  • Similarities Between Pop And Pop Music

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    Funk is a groovy genre with many danceable features which uses key features such as syncopation and staccato and modern day pop uses these elements but adds its own modern sound including synthesizers etc. Both genres have many similarities and differences which will be expanded on here. Firstly, both funk and pop have somewhat similar instrumentation, purpose, structure and notation. Funk

  • Synthesizer in Popular Culture Music

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    by continuously emerging songs with the use of technological devices. With the experimental use of electronic music instrument, it sparked a new development for artists to blend in synthesizer sound into their compositions and left a mark in the music industry (Pinch and Bijsterveld, 2003, pp. 536 - 537). Synthesizer played a crucial role in popular music through the impact of the mechanical instrument to deliver a new electronic sound to inspire bands like Kraftwerk who played a critical role towards

  • Breaking The Limitations Of Music

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    Jordan Stock 1321201 December 15th 2015 Dr. Andrew Mitchell Music History 2B03 Breaking The Limitations In Music Music has always been seen as a way of entertainment. Throughout many eras musicians have kept their ways to their traditions. From instrumentation to the composition itself. Throughout the ages, music has mostly been a set in stone factor. But since the 20th century things have begun to change. Musicians are breaking away from the traditions of the past and reaching new areas of music

  • Invention Of Electronic Music

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    for the sounds being created from the electrical signals to be heard. Speakers or amplifiers were non-existent for some time even after the development of Cahill’s invention, and “his instrument was the ancestor of present-day electronic music synthesizers” (Lejaren Hiller, Electronic Music). Furthermore, Cahill’s invention spurred the development of other electric instruments such as the electronic organ. In the 1920s, more electronic instruments were invented, some of which being monophonic meaning

  • Lorely Rodriguez Me Essay

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    Me. It’s a cryptic name for an album, a word that can mean so much and so little, and for Lorely Rodriguez’s Empress Of project, it’s a fitting title. Me is interesting lyrically, and even more so musically - it’s not exactly an exploration of the self as much as it is an inhabitation. That is, Rodriguez uses her unique identity and experiences to craft balanced, adaptable songs that can be perceived as intellectual or physical art, as food for thought or as primal messages. Me is such a well-rounded

  • Compare And Cons Of Ableton Live Vs. Propellerhead Reason

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    discuss, compare and contrast are Ableton Live and Propellerhead Reason. Ableton Live Ableton is a music software company based in Berlin that produces and distributes the production/performance program Ableton Live and a collection of instruments and sample libraries. They also manufacture their own software controller, Ableton Push. Ableton Live is a digital audio workstation (DAW) and software music that is available on either Windows or OS X. It is designed to be used as an instrument for live

  • Technology In Electronic Music In The 20th And 21st Century

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    Discuss the development of musical form and its relation to technology in electronic music in the 20th and 21st centuries. Music has evolved a lot since when it was only orchestral and vocal, but in the past 100 odd years music has really moved on. It has particularly been shaped by technology as it grew more and more advanced. The most recent years of music have made a turn for, what some people would say, the worse, but most people don’t care about the reasons which I will mention below and can

  • A Feasibility Study For Eclinicalworks Essay

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    be used to evaluate the problem at hand and provide a solution as well as alternative solutions. This report will also check for other limitations that the software may have. This is done to prevent future problems from arising ensuring the continuity of this software. Introduction of Selected Organization EClinicalWorks is a software designed for health care providers to assist them with their medical management needs. It integrates health care management and technology into a single platform