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  • Discipline as a Soldier

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    Anonymous 20 November 2012 Discipline Discipline is the most useful quality. It means to act in an orderly manner, to act strictly according to principle. Discipline involves the ability to obey and follow simple task, orders, or request. Discipline is something you acquire through years of being taught, from young to old discipline should be a huge factor of your life. It should be something you live by and use often. Discipline leads to success in everything you do from school, or sports

  • Ideal Soldier

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    1101-18 March 18, 2010 The True Definition of an Ideal Soldier “God of our fathers, who by land and sea have ever lead us to victory, please continue your inspiring guidance in this the greatest of all conflicts. Strengthen my soul so that the weakening instinct of self-preservation, which besets all of us in battle, shall not blind me to my duty to my own manhood, to the glory of my calling, and to my responsibility to my fellow soldiers. Grant to our armed forces that disciplined valor and mutual

  • The Soldier Of The Army

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    these officers was the training they had as officers and soldiers before being shipped off into combat. The stories of each of the officers shows a progression of the idea of the professional soldier overtaking the idea of the citizen-warrior that dominated the culture of the army during the earlier years of American history. This culture of the citizen-warrior is easily seen during the Civil War and the training Rhodes recieved both as a soldier and an officer. The army seemed wholly unprofessional

  • Children Soldiers: Causes Of Child Soldiers In Africa

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    Child Soldiers Child soldiers are children under the age 18 that are recruited used by an armed force in any capacity, including but not limited to children, boys, and girls used as fighters, cooks, porters, messengers spies and the girls are used for sexual purposes. Some children present themselves to join armed groups in a way for them to get away from being poor and insecurity. No child should be taken away from their parents just because they want to take them for unsafe reasons. Child soldiers

  • The Issue Of A Soldier

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    In the event, any Soldier provides you information that another Soldier has stated they were sexually assaulted it is imperative to take the matter seriously as it could be detrimental to the cohesion and readiness of your team and unit. It is very important for us as leaders to know the proper steps to protect ourselves and other Soldiers in the unit, while maintaining the victim 's confidentiality, helping to get them to the proper agencies to get the matter resolved. After speaking with PV2 Rogers

  • Soldiers In The Iliad

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    insulting their soldiers and using their men’s fear of death to assert authority over their armies. Leaders expect warriors to take countless lives and suppress any remorse or grief they may feel. Homer negatively depicts

  • Super Soldiers And Super Soldier Experimentation Essay

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    Super Soldier Experiments Going through life, at times, one would wonder how vast the greed of human beings is. Is it as dangerous as we think? Wanting something? Desiring something so much that you would risk everything you own and love? Is it as sinful as we are taught as kids to believe? All we have to do is take those desires and create something good out of it. However, when we desire something that affects the rights of other living things, it is extremely bad and these questions will all

  • Biologically Enhancing Soldiers

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    Connor Gabriel Biologically Enhancing Soldiers Our ability to "upgrade" the bodies of soldiers through drugs, implants, and exoskeletons may be upending the ethical norms of war as we 've understood them.I first saw in the movie, Captain America.The only difference now is that this possibility is slowly becoming a possible reality. The possibilities are endless by doing this to soldiers, whom are willing of going thru the process. From having soldiers that don’t need sleep or only need to eat 1

  • Professional Soldier : A Review

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    Professional Soldier: A Review of the Army Profession SSG Jordan Rickard Advanced Leader Course, Phase 1, Class 003 MSG Paula Doane April 26, 2017 Professional Soldier: A Review of the Army Profession “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic…” From the second a civilian takes the steps to raise their right hand to coming out of Basic Combat Training as a United States Soldier they have put trust

  • The Issue Of Child Soldiers

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    and you kill an American soldier since you were forced to kill. Suddenly, you are captured by the US government and taken into jail. Many think you are the perpetrator, but others think that you deserve amnesty. Child soldiers have become a widely debated topic as armed forces continue to use them. Many think that they deserve to be given a second chance, but others think that they should be taken to jail for the deaths they were forced to create. Overall, child soldiers are victims that deserve