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  • Monitoring Social Media Bias

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    monitored, whether it was by a company looking at their Facebook, a school checking Instagram, or a friend creeping on Twitter. Today, people live in a social media fishbowl, and it’s pretty probable that one of the people watching you might be your current or potential employer. According to CareerBuilder, 52% of companies review job applicants’ social media profiles before hiring them now, up from 43% in 2014. Obviously, It can be kind of embarrassing for a company if one of its employees, who represents

  • Aleksander Flint Essay

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    aleksander flint. the female recognized the infamously unruly bad boy within moments of him approaching their small group, her head immediately ducking as the male looked over them with her face flushing slightly. she perked up slightly as he spoke, eyes trailing upwards to scan over him with barely hidden curiosity. as though she wanted to say something, her tinted sangria colored lips parted, however she decided against it and instead remained silent as he shouted the next time. "mi casa es su

  • Creative Writing: Furat House Courtroom

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    She heads down the steps, but DRUNK GUYS lean against her, trying to talk to her. She pushes them off of her. INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT Next to a beer pong table is the white marbled kitchen counter. Filled with loads of empty alcohol bottles, red solo cups, and a pool of red, sticky substance covers the white marbled counter. It drips onto the white tiled floor

  • Plastic Cups Industry

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    Packaging industry deals with plastic products such as plastic bowls, cups, plates and cutlery. The industry encompasses packaging for the home, commercial use and government institutions, such as

  • Recommending a COBIT-Based IT Security Framework for a Midsize Organization

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    Recommending a COBIT-Based IT Security Framework for a Midsize Organization The current objective is to provide the medium sized insurance organization with the most effective draft of and IT security policy framework. In reviewing the literature, it is clear that recent implementations of a COBIT model have proven incredibly successful in keeping with an efficient and productive organizational IT structure. As such, it is recommended that COBIT serve as a primary model for the foundation of the

  • Starbucks Red Cup

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    The Red Cup The most recognized cup in the world is no doubt a Red Solo Cup. So what is this frenzy over a new “red” cup? Believe it or not it is that time of year when Starbucks releases their holiday cups for the winter season. Again just as they have done in the past, they’ve started using their holiday cups. For those who don’t know Starbucks has used a holiday cup since 1997, but this year’s cup has become a silly subject of controversy. Josh Feuerstein, a YouTuber and former pastor is the

  • Reflective Essay On Water Bottles

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    If any given person were to walk into my dorm room they most likely wouldn't be too impressed with it. The one item that would stand out the most is water bottles. I have close to a case of empty water bottles just sitting around my desk, my nightstand, and piled up in the recycling bin. I refill each water bottle about 2 to 3 times after drinking one but now I’m all out and refuse to buy another case of water bottles. I never realized how harmful they are too the environment until this class. Never

  • Personal Statement Of Complishments For High School

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    Fantasia Choir, and in my junior and senior year I participated in the Madrigal and Jazz Choir. In all of my years in the high school I have participated in Large Group Festival in Kerkhoven, Minnesota and Solo Ensemble in Benson, Minnesota. I have earned two Superior solo ratings, one excellent solo rating, and one excellent duet rating. This January I will perform at Dorian Music Festival at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. In my sophomore year I earned second place at speech sub-sections. I have

  • Why Should We Care?

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    if productions and profits increase. With a typical promotion, there is an increase in salary if the worker is an asset towards the company. “The numbers speak for themselves, we are the best in the world, have three World Cup Championships, four Olympic Championships, and the USMNT get paid more just to show up than we get paid to win major championships.” (Hope Solo). Not only are they representing the United States, but they are also drawing thousands of spectators to major events. Those spectators

  • Taking a Look at Starbucks Coffee

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    Headquartered in Seattle, Starbucks is trying various business ideas to attract people into the store, to extend the dwell time. In Starbucks, you will feel the music in the air swing your breathtaking. Store often play some jazz, country music and piano solo . These happen to be those stylish, trendy,white-collar pursuit of avant-garde. Every day people facing strong pressure to survive, they needed spiritual comfort , the music can help them to relax. Since 2002 , Starbucks provied high-speed wireless