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  • Solubility

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    Megan  Ly   Chemistry  231L   February  20,  2013     SOLUBILITY     Purpose:  To  better  comprehend  solubility  behavior  by  investigating  the  solubility  of  various   substances  in  different  solvents,  looking  at  miscible  and  immiscible  pairs  of  liquids,  and   observing  the  solubility  of  organic  acids  and  bases.     Reference:  Pavia

  • Chemistry Solubility

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    Jacinta Houng Comparing the Solubility of Chemicals in Water “Water is known as the “universal solvent” because so many different substances dissolve in it and we rely on this for many of our daily needs.” Introduction: Water is known as the ‘universal solvent’ as it is capable of dissolving a variety of different substances and dissolves more substances than any other liquid. However the ability to be soluble depends on a substances polarity and bonding. This then contributes to the various ways

  • The Solubility As A Measure

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    -chemist understands solubility as a measure -a chemist would say that solubility is the max solute that can be dissolved in the solvent until it reaches equilibrium -when the solution reaches equilibrium, there can be no more solute added to the solvent: it won 't dissolve anymore, it will just rest at the bottom as residue -the chemical formula of salt is NaCI -1 ATM is standard air pressure for earth -the unit for solubility of water it for ex: 357.00 g/L -when the solubility is put in the solvent

  • Determination Of Solubility Of Fenoprofen

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    RESULTS Determination of solubility of fenoprofen The solubility data is shown in Table I and it is presented in Figs.1, 2 and 3. The solubility of fenoprofen amongst various oils investigated was found to be highest in oleic acid (198.93±2.91mg/ml) followed by triacetin, labrafil M1944, capryol 90. The solubility of drug was insignificantly different between labrafac lipophil, IPM, and labrafac PG. Amongst surfactants, labrasol showed maximum solubility (129.17±1.4mg/ml) followed by tween 80,

  • Molar Solubility Essay

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    Mateo Castro April 3, 2013 Lab Partner: Unur Abdul Kader T.A: Katie Experiment 22: Molar Solubility, Common-Ion Effect Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to determine the molar solubility, the solubility constant, and the effect of a common ion on the molar solubility of calcium hydroxide. To accomplish this the experiment was split into two parts; part A and Part B. in Part A of the experiment a standardized 0.05 M solution of HCl was titrated into a 25 mL solution of saturated

  • The Solubility And Temperature Of Ammonium Nitrate

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    The Solubility and Temperature Experiment was performed to find the relationship between the solubility and temperature of Potassium Nitrate. This experiment was done to analyze the effect if water temperature on the amount of dissolved phosphates and nitrates in solution, which are two major pollutants that cause fish death. Below is the results of the experiment. Test Tube Mass (g) Temperature of Crystallization (°C) 2.0 34.1 4.0 47.9 6.0 59.5 8.0 76.5 Based on the data, solubility of Potassium

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hydrocolubic Solubility

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    may increase or decrease the solubility of a solute in a given solvent. The effect of an additive depends very much on the influence: it has on the structure of water or its ability to compete with solvent of water molecules. A convenient quantitation result of the solute additive on the solubility of another solute may be obtained by Setschenowequation. Log S0/S = KCa where S = solubility in the presence of additive Ca = additive concentration S0 = solubility in the absence of additive

  • The Experiment ' The Solubility Of A Salt Lab '

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    Discussion of Instructional Strategies The lesson titled “The Solubility of a Salt Lab” was a lab practical that incorporated adjustments for both the ELL student and the student with an IEP. The ELL student was partnered with a highly motivated and helpful student who often displayed patience when working with peers. This student was allowed to give oral responses to written responses on assessment, but then was also be encouraged to attempt to write responses as well. The student with an

  • Determination Of Solubility Of Polar Solutes

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    Introduction In the extraction of certain compounds, solubility plays an important factor in how the procedure is performed. The identification of which solvent is best for the substance is crucial. The relation of polarity between the solute and solvent is determined at a molecular level. The relationship between the solvent and solute needed shared similar characteristics. Polar solutes are dissolved in polar solvents while nonpolar solutes are dissolved in nonpolar solvents. From a chemical level

  • The Effect of Ionic Strength on the Solubility of an Electrolyte

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    Title of Experiment 12: The Effect of Ionic Strength on the solubility of an Electrolyte Aim: The purpose of this experiment was to determine the thermodynamics variable of enthalpy, ∆H for the dissolution reaction of boric acid in water. The solubility of boric acid was measured over a range of various temperatures by finding out at what temperature crystallization began for solution of different molarities. A graphical relationship between the natural logarithm of molal concentration and the inverse