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  • Experiment : The Stock Solution

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    experiment, the stock solution was prepared with a known initial volume, a known initial concentration, and a known final volume. The final concentration was calculated using the dilution equation, which showed how dilute or how concentrated the solution was as the experiment progressed. To form a solution at a certain concentration, such as a more diluted solution for an experiment, a solute is dissolved in a solvent thoroughly, and brought to the required volume of solution. Throughout the experiment

  • Creating Solutions Of Standard C

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    Creating Solutions of Standard Molarity Krishnaben Patel Katherine Asibal CHEM 1251L-027 10-1-2014 Introduction: In this experiment, a series of 〖Cu〗^(2+) solutions of different concentrations were prepared using the dilution technique. The principles of spectroscopy of and appropriate usage of Spec 20 was taught. The spectrophotometer instrument was used to measure the amount of light that passes through a solution. Beer-Lambert law was applied to determine the concentration of 〖Cu〗^(2+) in an unknown

  • Osmosis: Potato and Sucrose Solution

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    Investigation of Factors Affect Osmosis in Potatoes  Aim  The aim of the following experiment was to investigate the effect of  varying the concentration of sucrose solution on osmosis in a potato.  Preliminary Experiments  One preliminary experiment was done before the main experiment. From  the preliminary, we were trying to find out how osmosis actually  occurred in potatoes, and gave us a vague idea on what the main  experiment would be like.  This preliminary will aid my prediction

  • Forced Labor Solutions Essay

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    There are many possible solutions that have been attempted to try and stop forced labor and while some have helped a little none of them have been able to make the problem go completely away. These solutions have a better chance at working and getting rid of the forced labor problem if they were combined. There is no one set solution to any problem, there are multiple that needs to be put together to make one integrated solution. The possible solutions are all really good ideas they are just not

  • The Effect Of Salt Solution Concentration On The Mass

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    of salt solution concentration on the mass in russet potatoes? Background Osmosis is a process which molecules of a solvent pass through membrane from a less concentrated area to a more concentrated area until it equalize the concentration on both side. Isotonic, hypertonic, hypotonic solutions can be generally used to compare concentration of a solute in two solutions. Hypertonic solution is when one of two solution has a higher concentration of a solute and we call this type of solution plasmolyzed

  • Comparing the Concentrations of Saturated Solutions Experiment

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    In this lab, lab 4.3 Comparing the Concentrations of Saturated Solutions, we set out to find and compare the solubilities of two solids in water. In addition, we tested if solubility is a characteristic property of a solid in a given liquid. This lab allowed us to test and use a reliable way to measure the solubility of a solid. This lab can be replicated for any solid with the same procedure, thus it gives us a method to calculate solubility. The two solids we tested in this experiment were NaCl

  • The Effect The Molarity Of Sucrose Solution Has On Osmolarity

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    Title: The effect the molarity of sucrose solution has on osmolarity Introduction: Passive transport occurs when substances move from high concentration areas to a lower concentration region. Both Diffusion and Osmosis are examples of passive transport, however, osmosis is when water molecules move across a selectively permeable membrane. The plasma membrane, being a thin barrier to outside environment, is a selectively permeable membrane. Thus, it only allows certain particles to enter or exit

  • Mixtures, Explain Whether It Is A Solution Or A Heterogeneous Mixture

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    42. For each of the following mixtures, explain whether it is a solution or a heterogeneous mixture. For the solutions, identify the solute and the solvent. a) Cloudy pond water – heterogeneous mixture, this is because it is cloudy, solute is dirt particles - in the water there is clay and humus. b) Apple juice - is a homogeneous solution, water is the solvent there are organic acids, sugars and gums c) Rain water – is a homogeneous mixture, rainwater is nearly a distilled water. The mixture is

  • Lab Investigation : Cell Purple Dye Solution

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    L of Pirate Purple dye solution. The claim states that the use of the concentration and absorbance of the Blue 1 dye and Red 3 dye will lead to the concentrations of the red and blue dye to yield 1 L of Pirate Purple dye. In order to understand molarity or concentration, familiarity with the terms of solute, solvent, and solution are very important. A Solute is a substance that is being dissolved by a solvent. A solvent is a substance that is dissolving the solute. Solution is a solute of a homogenous

  • Osmosis lab/ concentrations of solutions effect on potatoes mass.

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    "Do different concentrations of solutions determine the mass of a potato?" Introduction: The way to get the full results of this lab was through the process of osmosis. Osmosis is the movement of water across a membrane into a more concentrated solution to reach an equilibrium. When regarding cells osmosis has three different terms that are used to describe their concentration. The first of these words is isotonic. Cells in an isotonic solution show that the water has no net movement and the amount