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  • A Compartment Of Tendon Progenitors

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    Upon confirming that axial and intercostal tendons originated from the somites, the researchers wanted to determine if the other somitic compartments affected the syndetome fate. Double whole-mount in situ hybridization was used to compare Scx in progenitor cells, Pax1 in sclerotome, and MyoD in myotome. Scx expression was restricted

  • An Observation of Development of Danio Rerio

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    An Observation of Development of Danio rerio Principles of Nervous System Development An observation of development of Danio rerio Xenopus laevis and Danio rerio are two models that are extensively used to study early embryonic development, in particular, neurulation. During this practical Danio rerio was used as the model, however the advantages and disadvantages of the use of both models will be discussed herein. Both Xenopus and Zebrafish are excellent model organisms in the study of development

  • The Increasing Demand For Fish On The Food Industry

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    The increasing demand for fish in the food industry has resulted in extensive overfishing in wild fisheries. This has caused widespread habitat destruction, overfishing, and an overall loss of biodiversity with both freshwater and marine ecosystems. To compensate for the issues surrounding industrial overfishing of wild populations, farmed fisheries in sheltered coastal waters, rivers, ponds and tanks were introduced. The innovation of genetically modified (GM) farmed-raised fish which possess traits

  • The Importance Of Threats In Birds

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    While in modern birds, CML originates on the pygostyle if present, since it had been either absent or reduced among most birds. Hemal arches were observed in Sapeornis, but not in Confuciusornis. The formation of the pygostyle alone is to enough to cause abrupt reduction of CML in Confuciusornis and in living birds. Researchers believed the complex functional repertoire of extant bird tails was most likely a result of decoupling of the tail from the hindlimbs, with further adaptations within the

  • Sample Tutorial Assignment On Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

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    Michelle Coyle 1321264 Bio 2C03 Dr. Dej/Gupta October 5th, 2015 Bio 2C03 Tutorial Assignment 1 1. 1 The title of the research paper that the article on Science Daily was referring to is A Functional SNP in BNC2 Is Associated with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. Full Citation: Ogura Y, Kou I, Miura S et al. A Functional SNP in BNC2 Is Associated with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. The American Journal of Human Genetics. 2015; 97(2): 337-342. doi:10.1016/j.ajhg.2015.06.012. 2. The authors decided

  • Neural Crest Cells Essay

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    their migratory path in the trunk which is dictated by somites. Cells which migrate early move ventrally and pass through the anterior half sclerotome, form the sensory ganglia. Cells which are more dorsal within the anterior sclerotome form the sensory neurons and glia of the dorsal root ganglia, partly due to signals which come from the neural tube. Alternatively, the neural crest cells which migrate late travel laterally between the somite and the ectoderm, forming melanocytes in amniotes. It

  • Human Reproduction

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    ANIMAL REPRODUCTION & DEVELOPMENT Dr Ilma • The two earthworms in this picture are mating • Each worm produces both sperm and eggs, which will fertilize – And in a few weeks, new worms will hatch Asexual And Sexual Reproduction • Both occur in the animal kingdom • Asexual reproduction is the creation of new individuals – Whose genes all come from one parent • Sexual reproduction is the creation of offspring – By the fusion of male and female gametes to form a zygote Mechanisms

  • The Vertebrate Kidney

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    1.1 Introduction The vertebrate kidney is an important organ that serves vital roles in waste excretion, osmoregulation, metabolites reabsorption, maintenance of acid-base balance and even hormone secretion. Nephron is the basic functional unit of a kidney which consists of a blood filter (the glomerulus) and renal tubules that joins to a collecting duct. Nephron filters blood plasma and the filtrate is further modified and refined in the tubules via selective solute reabsorption and secretion.

  • Loggerhead Sea Turtles

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    behavior, habitat, and use of resources as they mature (Dodd 1988). The loggerhead sea turtle life cycle starts with oviposition on the nesting beach. Shortly after oviposition, the neural groove and head fold forms, the amnion arises, and the number of somites increases. As development continues, the heart begins beating, the

  • Early Embryology Simple Summary

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    * upper limb bud * liver bulge * placodes present * Late in the week = lower limb bud, bigger first pharyngeal arch. * Begin to see stomach Week 6 * Cranial flexure * Cervical flexure * Vertebral discs forming from somites * Dermis is spreading out * 3rd and fouther arch are buried under the skin with the Otic placode * Upper limb bud has fan structure Week 7 * Arches are merging * Mesonephric swelling * Ossification occurs Week 8 * Elbow