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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Holocaust

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    What does the Holocaust mean to you? Some would say mass genocide, the extermination of the Jews or some may not be able to define it at all. The Holocaust – one of mankind’s worst atrocities committed in the past one hundred years, full of the thirteen years of prejudice and mistreatment that was endorsed by the fascist ideals. Over twelve million people perished due to this mass genocide of all races, ages, classes, and creeds. However, for some ignorance is bliss. Some do not acknowledge these

  • Examples Of Survivor's Guilt

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    Survivor’s Guilt Survival -- the term conjures up thoughts of primal instinct. Doing whatever it takes in order to survive. The term can also bring to mind thought of wars or battles where the people who were still left standing were the survivors. In the context of this essay, the term will be used to define the select group of people who managed to continue their physical existence, either through determination or simple happenstance, where the rest of their friends or family members did not. These

  • Son Of Saul Analysis

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    Saul is a historical fiction film that gives the jewish and nazi experiences within a extermination camp. Son of Saul authentically portrays the Holocaust through the perspectives of the Sonderkommandos and the Nazi SS by attempting to film every scene in first person with the camera focus on one Sonderkommando. The film is authentic, because its cinematography exposes taboos of Holocaust filmmaking as well as the juxtaposed mentalities of survivors and victims within an extermination camp in first

  • Sobibor Concentration Camp Essay

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    The Victories Within Concentration Camps Jewish prisoners knew concentrations camps are almost impossible to escape, but they still created resistances to try anyway. The bravery of the Jews during the Holocaust, even while in concentration camps, never wavered. In many camps escapes and revolts were organized; the well-known revolts occurred in Treblinka, Sobibor and Auschwitz-Birkenau. Any prisoners involved in a resistance in any way, were killed immediately. Ironically, the Jews in the

  • The Holocaust Research Paper

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    The Holocaust, a sad time in human history, but in all that sadness, there were heroic stories of people and Nazi prisoners standing up for what was right instead of following the awful fascist state that was called Nazi Germany. In this paper, I write about a couple of the rebellions that some of the Jewish population in this time did to fight for what was right and trying to stop Nazi’s from brutally murdering them. Here, I tell these stories of heroes and heroism in the very evil Nazi Germany

  • The Holocaust - Hidden Under Conspiracy, Doubt, And Denial

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    Hidden under conspiracy, doubt, and denial, the truth of what really happened during the Holocaust has been revealed through an immense amount of investigation and research. Nazis were essentially ordered to exterminate Jewish existence from the face of the earth, and created an aim to finish off the Jews in Europe by either gassing, shooting, or even starving them to death. There have been claims from deniers that these stories were only conspiracy theories made by the Jews to justify their atrocious

  • Shlomo Venezia Family

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    at Auschwitz, as he got off the train he told his mother to stay close, this would be the last time he would ever see her. His mother and two younger sisters would both die before the end of the war in 1945. Shlomo was taken and placed into the Sonderkommando. A unit of death camp prisoners forced to aid in the gassing of over a million prisoners from 1941-1945. If the

  • Treblinka Uprising

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    prisoners managed to escape. On October 14, prisoners killed 11 guards and set the whole camp on fire. Around 300 prisoners escaped, but lots were killed during the manhunt. Only 50 Jews survived at the end of the war. At Auschwitz prisoners of the Sonderkommando the special squad whose job it was to burn the bodies of the murdered victims, learned that there were plans to kill them. On October 7, 1944 a group of them rose up, killing 3 guards and blowing up the crematorium. Hundreds of prisoners escaped

  • The Movie Begins With A Long Shot Of The Background Greenery

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    with a long shot of the background greenery which transitions into a close shot of Saul. Saul is calm like the greenery and his expression conveys the comfort of the background, contrasting the chaos ensuing around him. Another member of the Sonderkommando shuffles into position, joining the shot, and says, “Lets go”. They begin to usher groups of people in another direction. It is clear now that they are taking people off the trains and moving them to the camps. There are loud sounds in the

  • The Holocaust Of The Auschwitz Camp

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    after being separated from his daughter and wife—though he feared his days would soon be counted—he volunteered to work as a pathologist under Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele. Working under the supervision of a Nazi superior meant one became Sonderkommando. As a Sonderkommando, one had the privilege to wear civilian clothes and receive better meals. Hence, working for Dr. Mengele, Dr. Nyiszli had certain privileges other Jewish prisoners did not obtain. The Nazi government to provide a way to enhance the Aryan