Sōsuke Aizen

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  • The Story Of Soul Reapers

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    “Has he now?” Aizen said lazily. Still smiling the silver snake tilted his head, “Aren’t you going to stop him?” Aizen rested his head against his lightly curled fist, “No, if my people need to blow off a bit of steam then who am I to stop them? Besides this may be a chance to give Soul Society a taste of what my army can do.” There was that and the possibility of Grimmjow and his Fracción being killed. It would be a loss, but not that great of one, with the Hōgyoku’s power Aizen could always create

  • Reiatsu Examples

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    The power of the Jōkaishō was calling out to him like a siren to a sailor. A call he would happily heed. Once I have this power, I will bring about your end Sosuke Aizen. ******************************************************************************************* Inside the Twelfth Division everything was still running smoothly despite the captain being gone or perhaps it was because he was gone that things ran