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  • Sources Of Credibility

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    would be the sources that make the paper credible. A lot of articles are not credible due to some areas. The areas include: the credibility of the author, the sources that were cited throughout the paper, how reliable the content is and a reliable publisher also how current and how accessible the article is. The author would be credible by being knowledgeable about the topic being spoken about. Furthermore, for the author to be credible, the author would have to be adding some outside sources that will

  • Is Discernment A Good Source?

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    to this information is through the internet. The internet is the fastest source in the palm of our hands, which can be used to do wonderful things and spread valuable news or it can also be used to spread false and misleading information. There are many online news websites used that can be very reliable such as CNN which is just one example of a very reliable source. One way to easily depict a good source from a bad source online is the type of publishers and also the type of website for finding

  • Importance Of Credible Sources

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    A source is the place or resource in which knowledge has been obtained. When looking for sources to use in a research paper you need to be able to determine whether or not a source is reliable and credible. It is important to use reliable and credible sources so that the information you use in a document you are writing is accurate and will not affect you in a negative way, by either getting a bad grade in school or just looking unintelligent to a colleague. A credible source is a source of good

  • Sources Of Diversity In Films

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    across many sources. The first source that I found was a scholarly journal named, Teaching Sociology. The journal, that was written by Mari Dagaz and Brent Harger, had a short segment about diversity in films. One of the main points that stood out was one about how women and minorities are portrayed in films. It stated that women and minorities in film are usually “underrepresented and based on traditional stereotypes.” This point is what I believe is one of the strengths of this source. This is because

  • Battle Of The Somme: Source Analysis

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    Finally, Source E also disagrees with the statement. In this source we can see British soldiers holding fixed bayonets, attacking the Germans at Thiepval-Chateau .We can also notice soldiers who have been shot, explosions going on in the background and barbed wire between no mans land and the trenches; these all create an accurate representation of the circumstances whilst fighting the battle. Most importantly, we can see a German man on the right, standing with his arms raised, surrendering. This

  • Source Anonymous Research Paper

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    the journey ahead as I explain to you, on my coffee-induced, sleep-deprived binge-writing, the ethics of source anonymity in journalism—for the purpose of this paper, I will be writing about Canada specifically. More specifically, I will touch upon the following: What is the reliability of the source? Why would a source have to be kept anonymous? To what extent does a journalist keep a source confidential? Firstly, I will go on to briefly describe the Canadian Act that protects whistle-blowers (the

  • Student Referencing: Scholarly Sources

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    scholarly source while also demonstrating how another article is from a non-scholarly source. This will be done by using evidence to support these choices this includes methods such as explaining primary and secondary research articles, taking note of the currency, assessing whether the author is from a reputable background in regards to qualifications and their area of expertise and checking whether the author or article has a bias or agenda. While making sure

  • Reliable Sources Worksheet Essay

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    University of Phoenix Material Reliable Sources Worksheet Locate three sources in the University Library on a topic of your choice. Provide the required information for each sources. Source 1 Author: Wang Ying; Zhang Hai-feng. Date:  Mar 2012 Title: The Application of English Movies in Higher Vocational English Teaching. Publication: Mar 2012 Peer Reviewed? No What words did you use to find this article? Movies What type of article is this (research, summary, reflection, essay

  • Annotated Source: Agency Negligence

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    Annotated Sources Brewin, Bob. "VA official says veterans' suicides not reflection of agency negligence.", 5 May 2008. Health Reference Center Academic, Accessed 28 Mar. 2017. This academic journal states the physiological effects on soldiers who are in the Veteran Affairs Department. This sources states that it is not the negligence

  • Critically Analyzing Sources for Research

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    students should be able to research and analyze their sources. It is an important life skill. By using the ability to research, they can find articles with credible, reliable, and relevant information to get the best and dependable research. People who use these techniques will find each of these components essential to the authenticity of an article. These skills would be able to help students and researchers discover trustworthy and reliable sources. Each of the different components in a quality research