South China Tiger

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  • South Chinese Tiger : The South China Tiger

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    The South China Tiger, or other wise known as the Chinese, The Amoy or Xiamen Tiger, was known to roam the temperate forests of southeast China. It is thought that the South China Tiger is the original tiger that all other tiger subspecies are evolved from. Pygmy slow lorises are nocturnal and arboreal animals,which means that they are mainly only active during the nighttime and sleep at night. They do most of their foraging and hunting in the trees at night. François' monkeys are Old World monkeys

  • Research Paper On South China Tiger

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    The South China Tiger is a critically endangered tiger from South China, as said in its name. It’s endangered for many reasons. They’re in the top ten most endangered list, and you can adopt one as a pet. The South China Tiger has more than one name, not counting the scientific name: Xiamen and the Amoy Tiger. The scientific name for the South China Tiger is Panthera Tigris Amoyensis. It can be found in the long grassy areas of China. The number of the population is unknown but scientists believe

  • Chinese Tigers Research Paper

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    Tiger Farming You see the problem with nowadays is not the financial issues of countries, or poverty, nor crime, and neither any political issues. It is the extinction of species, there are so many species that go extinct that you probably do not know about. One such species is the Chinese tiger. These tigers have a sad story due to their extinction. I believe that the Chinese tigers should be saved from mongrels who would use their lives for personal gain, or even for any reason. I also hope

  • The First Challenge For Australian Foreign Policy

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    The first challenge for Australian foreign policy is to maximize the economic and security opportunities by maintaining their relationship with Indonesia and ASEAN. In the case with Indonesia, Indonesia is one of Australia’s closest friends as the two countries share strong security and economic system. In terms of politics, Indonesia is essential to Australia because Indonesia plays a key role in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations so a steady relationship with Indonesia is required for a

  • Chin The Biggest Auto Market On The Planet

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    China is at present the biggest auto market on the planet. It is likewise one of the biggest car parts makers and exporters on the planet, with fares, essentially to the United States, constituting around 33% of its production. The Chinese government has given subsidies to automobile parts producing in China, and vital choices by Chinese policymakers and outside organizations have implications for the U.S. also, worldwide global economies. China has seen a general decrease in destitution and a drop

  • The Revitalization Of Asean Role As An Honest Broker

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    Role as An Honest Broker in the South China Sea Disputes I. Introduction ASEAN has played a key role in managing the disputes over the South China Sea (SCS) as part of its commitment to promote peace and stability in the region. The disputes were related to territorial claims over Spratly and Paracel islands and maritime boundaries involving four ASEAN members, namely Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam as well as the People’s Republic of China (and Taiwan). The potential escalation

  • The Philippines’ Geography

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    active volcano in the world. The land area of the Philippines is 29.97 square kilometers, located in southeast Asia. North across the Bashi channel and Taiwan province of China. The south and the southwest is the Barak Buck, the Sulawesi Sea, and Indonesia, Malaysia. In the Philippines’ west, there are the south China sea, and the Pacific ocean on its east. There are big and small islands, the amount of them is 7107, but not every of them has a name. There are only 2400 islands which have their

  • The Dispute Between China And The Philippines Essay

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    The Dispute between China and the Philippines over the South China Sea The territorial and maritime disputes over the South China Sea (SCS) have been ongoing for decades. The disputes have been considered to be one the fiercest-contested in Asia. The South China Sea is an enclosed sea surrounded by several different states. China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Taiwan, and Malaysia all surrounded the South China Sea. The main cause of tension in this dispute is because China claims to have “historical

  • The South China Sea Essay

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    Since the 3rd Century AD, the South China Sea has been home to countless territorial disputes between China, the Philippines, Vietnam, and other East Asian Nations. This region is so contentious because it is one of the busiest trade routes, and is home to vast natural resources. Because of the long and dense history of them, these disputes are some of the most difficult events to understand and interpret in international relations. Because the disputes deal with relative power, and the security

  • The South China Se Separating Fact From Fiction

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    The South China Sea: Separating Fact From Fiction By Mark J. Valencia THE South China Sea conundrum has risen to the pinnacle of regional security priorities. It has generated a veritable fountain of government pronouncements, propaganda, and biased analyses. Some of these conflate information with misinformation. It is time to separate fact from fiction.       1. “THE US pivot or rebalance to Asia is enhancing security and stability in the region.” That is certainly the stated intent.  But