South Fork Dam

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  • Essay on Johnstown Flood Disaster

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    not at the town but 14 upstream at the South Fork Dam were the Little Conemaugh and Stony Creeks rivers meet as you can see in the image below. At this place is Lake Conemaugh, a 3-mile long lake located up against the side of a mountain, 450 feet higher than Johnstown PA. The construction started in 1840 under the supervision of engineer William E. Morris but wasn't completed till 1852 due to financial difficulties. (Johnstown Historical Society) The dam itself spanned a gap of 918 feet across

  • The Great Flood Of 1889

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    Also known as the “Great Flood of 1889,” the Johnstown flood occurred when a local man-made dam failed, unleashing millions of gallons of water and causing utter destruction in its wake. On May 31st, 1889,  at around 3:10 p.m., about 14 miles from Johnstown, PA, the South Fork Dam was overcome by several structural shortcomings and  failed. This allowed millions of gallons of water to surge through the Conemaugh Valley, leaving little in its wake (NPS). There were a total of 111 days of rainfall

  • Descriptive Essay On Cruise The Hamptons

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    various sections of the Hamptons, including Montauf, Surf Lodge, East Hampton, South Hampton, and West Hampton, and you'll feel comfortable and proud driving this part of New York in any vehicle you rent from CarHopper. Cruise the Hamptons in Style Where are you going, and what car are you dreaming of driving in the area, a convertible, SUV, or coupe? A string of seaside communities, on eastern Long Island's South Fork form the Hamptons, well known as a summer vacation spot of choice for affluent

  • Johnstown Flood Of 1889: A Terrible Natural Disaster

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    Johnstown-South Fork area only two days later. The storm caused the worst downpour in this area with six to ten inches of rain in just twenty- four hours. The downpour caused trees to fall and rail lines to wash away. Elias Unger who was the president of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting club woke up to find the water in Lake Conemaugh swollen after the storm. The South Fork Dam was built to hold back the water in Lake Conemaugh. This

  • Johnstown Flood Essay

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    In McCullough’s opinion, the storm that caused the flood was no more than the inevitable stimulus of the disaster, whereas the deferred maintenance and poor repairs on the dam were the primary reason that Johnstown was devastated in 1889. McCullough exposes the failed duties of Benjamin Ruff and other members of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club, whilst simultaneously questioning the

  • Johnstown Flood

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    and Cambria Iron Works, who also supplied houses that were often times built just at the edge of the Conemaugh River, which ran through Johnstown. The South Fork Dam above Johnstown was built in 1852, and was bought out 5 years later by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. The railroad company, looking to build railroad tracks, soon built the dam up for that purpose.

  • Describe The American River Basin

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    framework Its basin covers 2,163 mi2 of the western slope of the central Sierra Nevada (fig. 1) east of Sacramento, California. This complicated system consists of three major parts the North and Middle Forks, the South Fork, and the Lower American River downstream from Folsom Lake (fig. 1). These major forks and Folsom Lake represent a natural and modified system of streams and impoundments designed to meet the recreational and water-supply needs of many Californians. The American River basin is generally

  • Teton Dam Response Paper

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    Response Paper 4 The thirst for water has lead individuals and organizations to build dams across rivers at an alarming rate. During the early 1900s dams were being built so fast it was no longer big news when a dam was completed. These structures provided controlled irrigation water and hydroelectric power to the communities not only close to the reservoirs and dams, but also provided irrigation water and hydroelectric power to communities many miles away from the river. Negatively blocking the

  • The Portland 's Water System Essay

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    I have learned about the Portland’s water system in the first of a few weeks. I have learned the Portland’s water resources, water quality management, history of water system, water transportation system, and water issues in Portland area. Now, I compare Portland’s water system to another city in the United States. I pick up Seattle’s water system because I lived in Seattle for two years before I move to Portland, and I’m interested in the Seattle’s water system. In this journal, I write about the

  • Why Did Johnstown Happen

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    failed dam, rushed into the city of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. In its wake, most of the town was destroyed and more than 2,200 lives were lost. The Johnstown Flood was one of the worst natural disasters ever seen in the United States and brought in relief from all over the nation and world. For Clara Barton, the Johnstown Flood disaster was the first test for her newly formed Red Cross. About 3:00 p.m. on May 31, 1889, water had backed up to the point where it began to spill over the South Ford Dam. It