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  • Diversity At South Florence High School

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    ” Much like Maxwell’s quote, I strive to advance my peers and my fellow students at South Florence High School. In my years at South Florence I’ve done my best to lead and be an example at this school by not only participating in clubs, but by doing my best academically. One thing that coincides with great leadership skills is a strong sense and acceptance of diversity in our school environment. Attending a school with a diverse student body helps prepare students for the culturally and ethnically

  • South Cobb High School Analysis

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    An interesting task I was given this week was breaking up a fight between two students. As a student at South Cobb High School, I have seen my fair share of fights; however, I have never participated in breaking up a fight before until now. I saw two students pushing and shoving each other violently and I sprung into action. I ran to the two boys and raised my voice and quickly separated the two. This was interesting because it was my first experience doing that. Another interesting task I was given

  • The Importance Of High School Education In South Carolina

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    A high school education is very important to everyone young or old. In the state of South Carolina there are approximately 495 high schools, 330 are public schools and the other 165 are private schools. A students high school experience must have a positive effect on their future’s outcome. Furthermore graduating from a high school can give students a wide range of opportunities in the job world. South Carolina high school education gives both a variety of pros and cons. To begin with some cons

  • Graduation Speech: United South High School

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    the photographer shouted. I have always dreaded those words because in “saying cheese” it would mean to show my twisted teethe. I am Olga Monic Gamboa a senior at United South High School, vice president of National Honor Society, vice president of LULAC, and officer for many other clubs. I am very active in my community and my school, which lead me to be embarrassed to show my teeth. Every time I speak at a meeting or a presentation I am afraid they are just staring at my teeth or falling asleep with

  • Personal Narrative: Glenbrook South High School

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    When I entered Glenbrook South High School for my first day of freshman year, I was not excited to be back in school and I was definitely not ready to learn again. I remember the first class I had was English. As I sat in English, I recognized some people from middle school, but most of the faces were new to me. The teacher, I forgot her name, was very nice and welcoming. She asked us to pull out our “Of Mice And Men” books and asked someone to read the first page out loud. One of the students began

  • Graduation Speech: South Stanly High School

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    Hello everyone! My name's Ally Ward and I'm a senior at South Stanly High School. Currently I'm taking CCP courses with SCC, so that I'll have two years under my belt when I start college. I plan to attend Gardner-Webb University this Fall and major in English with a teaching license. After I receive my major I plan to get my doctorate in English and then get a job as an English professor. I also love to read, shoot archery, ride horses, and spend time with my family. Sadly, I have never been to

  • Mandatory Community Service In South Western High School

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    yourself in the service of others,” (BrainyQuote). Applying mandatory community service in high school would teach students to be conscious of the world and people around them, which would invoke the students to build a passion for helping. If a change was made towards this advancement, the world would be rid of hate and destruction, and instead replaced with teamwork and development. Therefore, South Western High School should implement mandatory community service for graduation because it promotes personal

  • Personal Narrative: A Day At South Christian High School

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    As the sun started trickling into the windows, students were just starting to arrive at South Christian High School. As the few students that showed up early walked through the halls making their way towards their light blue lockers, one of the many lined up along the walls in between the classrooms. Some were decorated with sports signs, some of those with anchors lettered with the surnames of the owner of the locker. You could hear the clock ticking, counting down every minute until it would send

  • Patrick Stump's Graduation Speech: Glenbrook South High School

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    Patrick was not at all surprised when an email popped up in his inbox from Glenbrook South High School. His old high school has been consistently emailing, mailing letters, and calling his agent since the infamous “Sugar” hit mainstream radio. No matter what mode of communication the subject line never changed. Subject: Invitation “Hello Patrick Stump, this is Dr. Rivera, the principle of Glenbrook South High School and we would formally like to invite you to come give an assembly to our students

  • Denver South High School : The Truth About Diversity Essay

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    Denver South High School: The Truth about Diversity As I walk down the halls of Denver South High school, I see many flags draped down the ceiling with many faces that identify with those flags. Since freshman year, all I’ve heard about South is that they have a very diverse population. However, I don’t see the diversity everyone talks about. I see flags that have been disturbed by hands that are privileged and don’t know what it’s like to be labeled as a minority. As a student here at South, I want