South Korea

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  • It's A Cold Winter Night At Seoul, South Korea

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    It’s a cold winter night in Seoul, South Korea. The snow is piled high on the cars. Just walking is a challenge, with the wind cutting into my skin and eyes. It is so beautiful and so harsh all at once. I step into my small apartment, and absorb the warmth penetrating from the floors. It feels like an army of ants are fighting their way out of my skin as the heat is melting away the stiffness in my bones. I wait it out and realize too late that I am too hot and the dryness almost hurts. I rub some

  • The Effects Of Tension In South Korea

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    Tension on the Korean Peninsula is almost tangible due to the North Korean threats of nuclear war. Additionally, many in South Korea reportedly lament the state of socioeconomic inequality in the country, a broad assortment of barriers. With all these and other pressures on Koreans today, citizens have been finding innovative ways to channel their frustration and relieve some of their stress. It’s called the Seoul Rage Room, and it’s a place people come simply to smash mostly household items with

  • Homogenous Culture In South Korea

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    The unique homogenous culture in South Korea is apparent through its major religions, social customs, and business etiquette. Reviewing these aspects of Korean culture and using the Hofstede and other cultural framework tools will help businesses understand how to adapt to the social and cultural climate. Korean and English are the main languages in South Korea with Korean being the official state language. Some dialects are regional and mostly attributed to social status but can be difficult to

  • BUSA 3000 South Korea

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    South Korea: Where Investment and Business Blossoms Country Background • Name of Country: South Korea • Neighboring countries: China to the west, Japan to the east and North Korea to the north. Southern half of the Korean Peninsula, bordering the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea. • Territorial size of South Korea: 96,920 sq km • Population size: 48,860,500 • Political system: Democracy • Current prime minister: KIM Hwang-sik • Political party in power: Democratic United Party or DUP • Form

  • Confucianism And Its Impact On South Korea

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    Confucianism was founded over two thousand years ago in China, and countries around, including Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and many more others are influenced by the ideology. Among all, South Korea is one that still follows Confucianism, and the society is still strongly influenced by this philosophy. According to the Chair of Sungkyunkwan, one of the top institute in South Korea, “over eighty percent of Koreans follow Confucianism” (Choi). The number is even higher than its origin

  • Modernization and Nationalism in South Korea

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    Is it possible to preserve traditional Korean culture as South Korea continues to modernize and Westernize? In the 21st century, modernity is often equated with capitalism-industrialization, though the concept is more complex than that. The idea of modernity can be defined on sociological, political and cultural platforms. Modernity is a powerful notion, a departure from tradition; driven by political, social and economic developments. It is the acceptance that progress is inevitable. Because

  • Seoul : The Window Of South Korea

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    Seoul: The Window of South Korea The definition of global city has changed over the years with various distinct changes in the world. Becoming a global city is something today millions of cities around the globe are in a race for. Globalization is a main component that showcases if a city is globally connected to other cities and the relationship it has with them. Seoul a city in South Korea that has redefined Korea’s image in the world is one that is in race to become global. It is a metropolis

  • Plastic Surgery In South Korea

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    It’s no secret how much South Korea has invested in the plastic surgery industry. In fact, you might have heard or read about South Korea’s rise as one of the top countries involved with plastic surgery. In 2014, South Korea contributed approximately 24% to the world’s plastic surgery market, with just under 300,000 medical tourists. Younger and younger demographics have been more prone to go under the knife at least once, as double eyelid surgery (eye surgery in which a crease is added to the eyelid)

  • Swot Analysis Of South Korea

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    MARKET RESEARCH South Korea relies on imports and is Australia’s 3rd largest export market (AusTrade,2017). South Korea has an area of 99 720 square kilometres which is only the 109th largest country however it has the 26th largest population (Litner,2017). The large density of the country proves ROK can’t produce enough to sustain its self, especially in the agriculture sector (Australia Unlimited, 2017). Australia currently only has 1% of all exports for vegetable and fruit products to ROK which

  • Screen Quota In South Korea

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    but the film industry is one in which any sort of person can find enjoyment. The American film industry is transparently one of the most prevalent in the world, and so it must be a priority for countries to foster their own film industry. South Korea (hereafter Korea) is one such example of policies that have been put in place to fight the cultural war the United States leads. A cinema screen quota policy that proposes that a Korean theatre must show domestic films at least 73 days a year has been in