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  • Swot Analysis : The Swot

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    The SWOT analysis was originally introduced by Andrews Christiansen, Guth and Learned in 1969 and its basic organizing principles have remained largely unchanged in the field of strategic management. [BADEN-FULLER, C. H. A. R. L. E. S., & STOPFORD, J. (2002). The Firm Matters More than the Industry. Strategy for Business: A Reader, 123.] It is a systematic framework which helps managers to develop their business strategies by appraising their internal and external determinants of their organization’s

  • Essay About My Birthday

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    It was Saturday, April 27, 2016, and I had just woken up from a long, hard sleep. It was about 9:30 AM, and my arm was still aching from getting my annual shots the day before. Every year, I dread going to the doctor's office to get these shots. They make my body feel significantly weak, and they always make me sick to my stomach. It was the weekend of my birthday, so I was planning on having my friend, Melanie, over to have dinner with us and to spend the night. I usually have a big party to invite

  • My Favorite Trip

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    Florida is a state that is very special to me. I have always enjoyed my many visits, but one trip in particular stands out as my favorite. Ever since I was ten years old, I have enjoyed SCUBA diving with my family. We have done it many times, and it is one of my favorite hobbies. In the Summer of 2016, my father and I took an unforgettable trip centered around it. We drove down to Fort Myers and got aboard a dive boat headed to the Dry Tortugas, a small island chain to the west of the Keys. Not

  • Roles Of Women In Africa

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    Throughout the world, women are treated differently based on their geographic living. While the world is evolving, so are the role of women and their expectations. However, the women in Africa are constantly battling with the traditional way of life, where they have rules and standards. Rather than an intellectual way of life, where getting your education is made available for women and the overall idea of choice and options are allowed for them. Black women have always been minorities and have always

  • Impact of Vietnam War on American Culture

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    communist leader in North Vietnam. The leader was spreading communism, and because the United States wanted to stop the spread, it sent military troops to aid South Vietnamese to stop this vice. The war saw about 3million people die with the inclusion of 58,000 American soldiers. About 150,000 people were wounded during the war. In 1975, South Vietnamese government surrendered the war after the communist forces forced them to surrender. Vietnam unified communism and became a Socialist Republic. Although

  • The Trauma of War Conveyed in Ninh's Short Story, A Marker on the Side of the Boat and the Film, Barbed Wire and Mandolins

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    War is cruel. The Vietnam War, which lasted for 21 years from 1954 to 1975, was a horrific and tragic event in human history. The Second World War was as frightening and tragic even though it lasted for only 6 years from 1939 to 1945 comparing with the longer-lasting war in Vietnam. During both wars, thousands of millions of soldiers and civilians had been killed. Especially during the Second World War, numerous innocent people were sent into concentration camps, or some places as internment camps

  • The Propaganda, the Ministries, and the Leader

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    North Korea is an extreme isolated country and is known for continuously violating human rights. Defectors, North Koreans who escaped the isolated country, “continue to report that North Korea maintains a record of consistent, severe human rights violations, stemming from the government’s total control over all activity”(North Korea: Government). The similarities between North Korean society and the society in the dystopian novel 1984 by George Orwell are very much alike. A government constructed

  • 1984 and North Korea

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    1984 demonstrates a dystopian society in Oceania by presenting a relentless dictator, Big Brother, who uses his power to control the minds of his people and to ensure that his power never exhausts. Aspects of 1984 are evidently established in components of society in North Korea. With both of these society’s under a dictator’s rule, there are many similarities that are distinguished between the two. Orwell’s 1984 becomes parallel to the world of dystopia in North Korea by illustrating a nation

  • The Vietnam War: A Brief Analysis

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    Time does not heal all wounds, though it does impose fresh ones that require consideration. Still, even though the Cold War is over, there are many reasons why the history of the Vietnam War should remain fresh and the effort to grasp both the war and the antiwar opposition remain essential. The Vietnam War is, of course, an episode in military history. The episode’s setting is during the Cold War in Vietnam and the central theme of the episode was to pit capitalism and or democracy against communism

  • History of Vietnam

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    As a citizen of Vietnam, I know that some past events shaped our country. Vietnam has a long history with China and France. It is found that there are four countries play very important parts in our history. There are China, France, Japan and the United States respectively. In this essay, the impact on the past events, which shaped the today Vietnam and interactions between Vietnam and the countries mentioned above will be discussed. The relationship between my country, Vietnam and China changed