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  • Background And Qualifications : Application And Evaluation Of Culturally Responsive Public Health Level At The George Washington University Milken

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    program design and evaluation of culturally-responsive public health interventions tailored to address the needs of the Latino community. EDUCATION: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Communication minor B.S. 2010-2013 University of California, Davis; Graduated Cum Laude Liberal Arts & Sciences A.A 2008-2010 Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga, CA; Graduated with Dean’s Honors WORK EXPERIENCE: Bilingual Health Resource Specialist 2015-Current National

  • Race And Ethnicity From An Anglo American War Of 1846 And The United States

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    struggle began brewing between land hungry President James Polk of the United States and recently independent Mexico. California began its transition from the dominance of Spanish powered Missions to independent Ranchos. In Two Years Before the Mast Richard Henry Dana Jr explores the issue of race and ethnicity from an Anglo perspective in newly opened for trade to foreigners California. From the PBS website, one is able to learn about the Mexican American War of 1846 and the effects it had on the history

  • The Disney Departure : Differences Before And After The Death Of Walt Disney

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    The Disney Departure: Differences Before and After the Death of Walt Disney According to the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Walt Disney Corporation historically stood for “basic American virtues and values” but now represents a “significant departure from Disney’s family-values image, and a gratuitous insult to Christians and others who have long supported Disney.” Their belief is that Disney entertainment products produced while Walt Disney was alive differ substantially from

  • Race And Gender Has Shaped The Lives Of Californians

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    Eureka!- Even the Golden State had some Problems California becomes a multicultural area even before it becomes a state. It started with the Native Americans, Native Californians and Californios; then the Gold Rush brought a flood of new people such as Chinese, African American slaves, Europeans, etc, who wanted to make it rich. However, despite the fact that California increased in its diversity so much and so fast during its history, social and economic acceptance of different kinds of people was

  • Connecting With Consumers - Disney

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    Introduction Disney a name which brings smile on the faces of people of all ages, Walt Disney most commonly known as Disney is one of the world’s largest multinational media and Entertainment Company with its headquarter in Walt Disney studios, Burbank, California, United states. Walt Disney was founded as a cartoon studio on October 16, 1923 by two brothers Walt and Roy Disney. (10-K, Walt Disney) Current CEO and chairman of Walt Disney is Robert A. Iger, Prior to his current post he served as president

  • John Steinbeck 's East Of Eden

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    “Maybe we all have in us a secret pond where evil and ugly things germinate and grow strong. But this culture is fenced, and the swimming brood climbs up only to fall back. Might it not be that in the dark pools of some men the evil grows strong enough to wriggle over the fence and swim free? Would not such a man be our monster, and are we related to him in our hidden water?” (Steinbeck 133). The novel, East of Eden, by John Steinbeck, interprets that every human being since Cain and Abel has struggled

  • `` Hills Like White Elephants `` By Ernest Hemingway

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    In the valley there were hills brighter than the cars passing by on the highway. Red, green, orange, and yellow. On this side of the highway there was a small building with warm colors that people called “A taste of Barcelona”. When I first entered the building, I noticed that there was a Latin band playing salsa. To my right I noticed that a man asked a woman to dance. It was an interesting site. Men and woman dancing with each other on the wooden dance floor. It is so amazing how specific details

  • Advertisements On The Street With Advertising

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    • I do feel bombarded by advertising in my daily life, because advertising is everywhere. In my daily life, I take a bus and go to school, and go to work, and use my phone and computer. I mostly see many ads on the side and back of every bus I take. Also, I can see many advertisements on the street with many advertising boards. Even when I log in to Facebook, I can see many ads on the side of my screen or in the middle of my friends’ posts. One that bothers me most is the ad that suddenly pops up

  • College Students Should Be Given Information On Composting

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    College students should be given information on composting in order for them to know the positive effects. When students get to college, they are no longer under parental super vision. They do not have an authority figure telling them how to sort their trash. Students are able to think for themselves and make their own decisions. College is the perfect situation for students to change the way they thing about throwing away their trash. Students may not have thought about composting as an option because

  • What Does Ethnic Literature Mean?

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    What does ethnic literature mean? We all have some ethnicity in us that is different than the rest, so doesn’t that mean that all of our literary contributions make up that of American ethnic literature? Before the Civil War, many of the minority people of America started writing poems, songs, and other types of literature that helped describe what life was like in America as an outsider in the “white” world. These writings became the beginnings of what is now called American ethnic literature.