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  • stop the violence (SPAIN) Essay

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    caused by the cultural differences between its Spanish and Basque inhabitants. The 2.1 million people of Euskadi, the Basque area of Spain, speak a different language than typical Spaniards, have a separate culture and society from that of Spain; and have a history of their own. Throughout the decades, these major cultural differences contained within the borders of Spain have continued to cause conflict between the Spanish people and the people of the Basque area. Many within la comunidad autónoma del

  • The Languages Of Spain And The United Kingdom

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    European societies have strong sentiments towards using language and its history as the means of shaping regional identity against national identity. This essay thus discusses the languages of Spain and the United Kingdom. Spain’s 17 autonomous regions are grounded in historical tensions of peripheral, or regional, and nationalist movements, and the struggles to demarcate ethnic values from the civic. It amounted with the Castilian language as the assimilating tool of Franco’s nationalistic regime

  • The Spanish Cuisine Of Spain

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    The culture of Spain is very diverse and lively. It is filled with beautiful colors like the dresses of the Flamenco dancers, or the decorations in the late-night fiestas. Last year my school had a foreign exchange student from a little island off the coast of Spain. Her name was María. She told us all about the crystal blue water that surrounded her island, and the fiestas her and her friends and family would go to until 3 A.M. Spain is a beautiful country, and this paper will explain its most important

  • The Main Factors Of The Spanish Inquisition In Spain

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    first time that Spain ever encountered an Inquisition with the soul purpose of getting rid of all hersey including any of those who converted from Judaism and Islam to Christian. There were three huge factors on why the Inquisition every started in Spain, the main factor was that it allowed the christian leaders to conquer Spain and take any control away that the Muslim authority had before. Another key factor is that it caused a huge rivalry between two young kings of France and Spain. The last factor

  • Holidays In Spain Essay

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    Which are the working hours and holidays in Spain? When we want to talk about Spain a typical schedule in Spain can be from nine in the morning to two in the afternoon, a couple of hours to eat and take a nap, and return to work in the afternoon from five to eight. This may vary. Today it tends to reduce the lunch time to leave earlier in the afternoon. Working hours vary tremendously depending on the company and industry it is in. During the summer months many companies work with a reduced work

  • Relations Between Spain and Indigenous People

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    Relations between the Spanish and the Indigenous peoples Spanish colonization started in 1492 when Cristoforo Colombo, Christopher Columbus, arrived in the West Indies .1 Even though Columbus was on route to find a easier, quicker route to India, he stumbled upon an unknown land full of exotic new people, plants, and animals. Columbus was the first Spanish American to come to America, but many more Spanish explorers would follow after him; including Cortes, Aguirre, and Pizarro. The Spanish seemed

  • Causes Of Corruption In Spain

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    Spain has been suffering for the recent few years because of the corruption. Many countries have corruption and most of us know about them but they still have relationships with other countries. Also, many countries have bribery, people who work with the government take money or things such as gifts and tickets to travel for free from the citizens to facilitate applicant conversely. In addition, this can hurt people’s rights and living. However, Spain government and citizen should be a one hand to

  • Reasons And Differences Of Spain And The Ming Empire

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    voyages across land and sea. For instance, Christopher Columbus, in the name of Spain, voyaged out to find an alternative route to Asia. The Portuguese, tried to increase their knowledge about trading. Moreover, while some traveled to increase their powers, Zheng He, of China, traveled to discover raw resources and generate more capital into China’s economy. If we compare the maritime policies of the kingdom of Spain and Portugal on the one hand and the Ming Empire on the other the differences in

  • Mezquita De Córdoba in Southern Spain

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    Mezquita De Córdoba The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba represents the many cultural changes the city of Córdoba and the areas around it have gone through. It has stood in the center of the city for over a millennium, and it doesn’t look like it will fall anytime soon. It covers over 24,000 square meters (about 250,000 square feet), and is 9 meters tall at its lowest and 30 meters tall at its highest. The Cathedral of Córdoba is officially called The Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, but it was

  • Spain Has A Free Market Economy

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    Spain has a free market economy like a great number of developed countries, however, its employment laws and regulations have caused its economy to sputter and remain weak when compared to its European and American counterparts. Most Spanish companies will have written employment contracts, even though not required, for its workers. Working hours within Spain are closely monitored and must not exceed an annual average of 40 hours per week, with 80 maximum hours of overtime per year. Holiday and leave