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  • Bullfighting in Spain

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    Bullfighting in Spain Introduction Origin of Bullfighting What is the origin of bullfighting in Spain? According to Martin Seufert's book La Corrida de Toros The Tradition of Bullfighting in Spain, there are "several" hypotheses that attempt to explain how bullfighting began in Spain. One of those hypotheses is that the tradition of the "corrida" has roots in the Middle Ages; it was a form of Roman entertainment, Seufert explains on page 4 of his book (Seufert, 2011, p. 4). It is possible that

  • Nationality In Spain

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    The privileges of some regional communities over others is a structural singularity that is rooted in the Spanish political system. Different from the French system where there is a run-off between the two most voted candidates, in Spain there is only one single round during the elections. Depending on the territory or region, some political parties take more representation or possible seats in the national parliament than others, specifically if those votes are to minor parties in a specific location

  • The Events That Helped Build Spain 's Foundation After The Spanish Civil War Essay

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    and last is the education in Spain. Spain has come a long way since the Spanish Civil War and today is one of the more beautiful tourist spots for people around the world. Spain is the second largest country in the EU, from the beautiful Spanish language they speak, to the amazing cultural foods. Spain has become an amazing country and the history to how they got here was hard fought. First, “Juan Carlos I has played a pivotal role in the transformation of Spain from an arguably state of repression

  • Bolivia Vs. Spain : The Similarities Between Bolivia And Spain

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    Bolivia and Spain appear to be two very different countries according to their geographies. The task of finding all the differences between the two would be nearly impossible. However, this paper will hopefully shed light on some of the key geographical variances that gives each country its particular culture. First off, where are these two countries located and how does that effect the people? To start, Bolivia is landlocked located in the center of South America neighboring Brazil, Argentina,

  • International Expansion to Spain

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    International Expansion to Spain An Analysis of how a Domestic IT Company in New Zealand could Feasibly Expand into Spain Contents Introduction 3 Greeting 4 Business Attire 4 Cuisine 5 Language 6 Business Culture 7 Conclusion 7 Works Cited 8 "If everybody is looking for it, then nobody is finding it. If we were cultured, we would not be conscious of lacking culture. We would regard it as something natural and would not make so much fuss about it. And if we knew the real

  • Energy Consumption in Spain

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    Introduction The energy consumed in Spain every day, both for the industrial sector, as for domestic consumers comes from multiple forms of primary energy sources, from which we get electricity. It is important to consider where these primary energy sources come from, and the value year after year the degree of self-sufficiency that primary energy resources have in Spain. The energy sector accounts for about 2.5% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. However, this sector has a greater importance

  • Franco and Fascist Spain

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    vibrates a sympathy toward many people of the Left who have arrived at hatred by the same path which has led us to love – criticism of a sad mediocre, miserable and melancholy Spain.”  Mussolini had been a Socialist in his youth and shown anti-Catholic sentiments during the first ten years of Fascist rule. Similarly in Spain, the Catholic Church was suspicious of the Falange and its street

  • The Importance Of Easter In Spain

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    with traditions that appeal to them. With cultural difference added, diversity is created and is part of the festivities throughout the world. Spain, for example, is just like any other country with its own holidays, traditions, and activities. This Spanish-speaking country has those that contrast to the ones here in the United States. To begin with, Spain has a holiday called Semana Santa, or Holy Week, that lasts for a week. The week before Easter, the regions of the Spanish-speaking country celebrate

  • Mercantilism And New Spain

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    Mercantilism and Bullionism had both positive and negative effects on the economy of Spain and New Spain. I believe that the main positive effect was that mercantilism resulted in great wealth for rulers and merchants of various countries like Britain, France, and of course Spain. These countries began to exploit foreign lands and establishing trade relationships amongst others. With this new system, they were able to gain enough power to overthrow their current leaders and set up colonies. European

  • The Conquest Of New Spain

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    In Victors and the Vanquished, Schwartz poses the question of “How can we evaluate conflicting sources” (ix)? Through reading historical events such as the “Conquest of New Spain” there is an undeniably large amount of destruction of cultural material and bias testimonies of events recorded several years after they occurred. After analyzing the Spanish Conquest of Mesoamerica there is a debatable amount of evidence from the Mesoamericans and Spanish explanations of this event in history. The intentions