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  • The Importance Of Interlational Database Systems

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    D. Horie et al. (2008)[26] Modern day's queries are posed on database spread across the globe, this may impose a challenge on processing queries efficiently, and a strategy is required to generate optimal query plans. In distributed relational database systems, due to partitioning or replication on relations at multiple sites, the relations required by a query to answer, may be stored at multiple sites. This leads to an exponential increase in the number of possible equivalent alternatives or query

  • Application of Gis in Natural Resourse Management

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    GIS, with their capabilities for spatial analysis and modeling of diverse data, can enhance the ability to address several natural resource and environmental issues that have spatial component (Nijkamp & Scholten, 1993). GIS can facilitate the organization, manipulation and analysis of diverse data often associated with these issues, and the data structures

  • Geographic Information Science And Systems

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    Joseph Crain GPHY 384 Term Paper 04/19/2016 Geographic information science and systems can be an extremely powerful tool when properly applied to real world situations. GIS is commonly thought of as map making because it deals with spatial analysis, but data can be managed and manipulated to create a vast array of different outputs including charts and graphs. There are several software programs capable of dealing with GIS synthesis and analysis. The focus of this paper applies to use of ArcMap

  • Disadvantages Of Car-Based System

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    engineers, create, store, and share information about 3D models of existing facilities along with surrounding topography. Visualization of existing facilities along with surroundings, database management, and geospatial analysis capabilities on a single platform

  • Gender And Space Of The Gym, Mongolian Gers, And Iranian Houses

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    Therefore, it is evident that there exist certain forms of masculinity and femininity within certain spaces of the gym. Gender and space have had a relationship in history since the very beginning of established settlements. In modern days, examples of these spaces include Bedouin tents, Mongolian Gers, and Iranian houses. Within these residences, established spaces for each gender have played a significant role in social organization and familial life. However, this presence of segregation in space

  • A Brief Note On Diabetes Prevalence Rate And Socioeconomic And Life Style Variables

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    the correlates of diabetes ignore the spatial non-stationarity by either fitting OLS method or using all the variables as nonstationary by fitting GWR model. A number of studies (Chen, Wu, Yang, & Su, 2010; Dijkstra et al., 2013; Hipp & Chalise, 2015; Siordia, Saenz, & Tom, 2012) used GWR model to study the association between diabetes and other covariates. GWR is one of the localized regression techniques which accounts for spatial heterogeneity or spatial non- stationarity (Benson, Chamberlin,

  • Visual Illusions Are A Phenomena That Arise From Misperception Of The Observed Object 's Properties Essay

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    visual channels are orientation and spatial-frequency specific after presenting the MLI to eight participants and observing a reduction on the illusion after exposure to a low spatial frequency grid. Although evidence questioning this claim has been presented in many studies (Carlson, Moeller, & Anderson, 1984) (García-Garibay & De Lafuente, 2015) (Zeman et al, 2014) (Zeman A. , Obst, Brooks, & Rich, 2013) where the illusion persists in images absent of low spatial frequencies and has been assessed

  • Data Processing And Comprehensive Geological Interpretation Of Geochemical Exploration

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    for mineral exploration, through a series of effective methods for extracting information useful for prospecting. 5.1. Overview of regional geochemical data processing method During processing of regional geochemical data, the most commonly used spatial analysis methods are of two types: (analysis of

  • Geography And Crime Analysis

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    together with incident databases it will become an effective way to determine and analyse where, how and why crime occurs. Mapping incident locations is an effective way to identify spatial relationships and gain valuable insight into criminal activity.

  • Notes On The 's On Multimedia Mining

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    multimedia data sets, such as audio, video, images, graphics, speech, text and combination of several types of data set. Multimedia data are unstructured data or semi-structured data. These data are stored in multimedia database, multimedia mining find information from large multimedia database system, using multimedia techniques and powerful tools. KEYWORDS: Data Mining, Multimedia Mining, Clustering, Classification. 1. INTRODUCTION Multimedia data mining is a subfield of data mining that using to find