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  • Why I Chose To Become A Special Agent

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    To achieve success in becoming a Special Agent, or any career in law enforcement, there are a number of experiences, both academic and practical in nature I need to engage in before I receive my undergraduate degree. First, I need to develop a foundational knowledge of federal laws, regulations

  • What Does it Take to Become an FBI Special Agent?

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    What does it take to become an FBI Special Agent? Being a Special Agent of the FBI is one of the most rewarding and challenging careers in the world. To become a Special Agent, one is expected to work hard and bring something unique to the table. It is extremely competitive and only the committed will make it through to the end of the application process. As Jim Mcfall once said, “When I came in, one in 400 was appointed to the Academy. Now it's one in a thousand.” (Douglas,1998). Today even fewer

  • Special Agents

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    Special Agents The career I would like to pursue is in the criminal justice field. I can see myself being a special agent or a criminal investigator. A special agent and a criminal investigator will prepare reports that detail investigation findings. They also obtain and verify evidence by interviewing and observing suspects and witnesses or by analyzing records. They may identify case issues and evidence needed, based on analysis of charges, complaints, or allegations of law violations. Also

  • Special Operations Executive Agent Training Facility

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    Special Operations Executive Agent Training Facility - Stodham Park - England – 1943. The convoy of Jeeps drove quickly up the long, winding, stone covered driveway. In the distance at the end of the drive stood an imposing Country House, the clipped ivy-covered facade of the house looking unchanged from Centuries past. Nancy, sat in the lead Jeep and looked smart and official in her new First Aid Nursing Yeomanry uniform. Being a FANY was the cover for all women SOE agents. Her cap was pulled

  • Special Agent Application

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    knew right then that that’s what I was meant to do. Being a member of the United States Army is my calling and, after discovering through the U.S. Army website, I would like to contribute my abilities to the U.S. Army as a Criminal Investigation Special Agent. Growing up, I have worked on my abilities in preparation for the military. During stressful situations, I place two figures on any artery that is close to my skin to monitor and control my heartbeat. This technique has come in handy when in

  • So You Want to Be a Federal Agent Essay

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    (“Quick Facts”). There are many different qualifications and requirements to become an FBI Special Agent but the salary and career outlook make them worth it. Federal Agents have many duties and can specialize in a vast array of different areas. “As an FBI Special Agent you may work on issues the encompass terrorism, foreign

  • What Classifies A Federal Agent?. Counterintelligence (Ci)

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    What Classifies a Federal Agent? Counterintelligence (CI) is a unique and challenging field in the United States government and within the United States Army. Thinking of what we see in the movies or what we read in spy books, we all want to think that a federal agent is portrayed as a James Bond or Jason Bourne. We imagine someone who jumps from rooftop to rooftop or out of helicopters to catch the bad guy. It may not be what we see in theaters, but we can paint a picture of who may be an individual

  • Essay On Federal Agents

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    First, is the pay and benefits for just federal employees, not Special Agents in particular. Federal employees get a health benefits program, a long-term care insurance program, a group life insurance program, a flexible spending account program, and a thrift savings plan. Federal employees also receive retirement benefits. The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program provides agents with health care. There are many different health care plans to choose from in the Federal Employees Health Benefits

  • Wounded Warrior Internship Program

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    Bureau of Investigations employs more than 13,500 special agents throughout its five major divisions of intelligence, counter intelligence, counter terrorism, criminal and cyber. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts

  • Federal Agent: A Stressful Career

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    A federal agent is a stressful career. It is a stressful career because they work up to 50 hours a week. They can be called in at any time of day. You have to have a Bachelor's degree to be a federal agent. They have to use a lot of research to do their job. They use research everyday that they work. Federal agents keeps the nation’s safe. A federal agent’s salary can be different for different agencies. The pay for Homeland Security it’s eighteen to thirty-three dollars an hour,but for Central