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  • Benefits of the Second Amendment Essay

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    yes, weapons can be used to defend one’s self in their own home. The castle doctrine, more commonly known as the “Make My Day” law, states that if someone is attacked on their property, they may use deadly force to defend themselves. There was a road rage case in Florida where castle doctrine was used. A couple was driving and got into a minor car accident. The passengers of the other vehicle started to beat the woman’s boyfriend, and she stabbed them both in self-defense. Some witnesses declared

  • Persuasive Speech Essays

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    Persuasive Speech Assignment (Total 100 points) I. Speech Performance (80 points) 1. Your speech should be based on a question of policy which solves a controversial problem (of national importance) and to persuade your audience that your solution is the best possible one (Please see the attached “Possible Persuasive Speech Topics based on Questions of Policy”--however, you do not have to select one of these topics if you have better idea. It is just for your reference). 2. Speech length:

  • Informative Speech on Michael Jackson

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    Informative Speech Purpose: To inform or educate the audience about a topic of your choice. Time: 4-6 minutes Topic: Choose a topic that interests you and would probably interest your audience (the class). Consider what your audience already knows about this topic and what their attitude about this topic will be. Do not inform us of something we already know tons about. You may not choose something that could be done as a demonstration speech. Requirements: - You must inform the audience

  • The Rhetorical Analysis Of John F. Kennedy's Inauguration Speech

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    significant moment that occurred in Kennedy’s presidency was his impactful inauguration speech that persuaded and united American citizens around the nation. His audience reached far beyond those gathered before him to people around the world. In preparing for this moment, he sought both to inspire the nation and spread a message of hope, strength, and unity to come in the future. Within the concluding statements of his speech, John F. Kennedy used rhetorical devices such as allusions and parallelism so he

  • The Events Will Affect Us Personally Essay

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    or even view the person’s reaction as an imperfection. Initially, human imperfection is something that many people fail to acknowledge. Numerous different feelings and personal characteristics may contribute to this idea. Such as trauma, denial, and rage. Although one is left to ask, where is the line drawn at imperfection? For some, human imperfection is something we as humans are born with, for others it is something we acquire over time. Although, no matter what our perception is on human imperfection

  • Essay about Analyzing and Improving Multimodality in the Memory Artifact

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    My Prezi mainly used two modes of communication. It was an interaction between oral and visual form of communication. My Prezi began with the topic of my memory artifact. The presentation was constructed on two images, which were posters of Beowulf and Sir Gawain. These two images served as a background. I had a lot of zooming features in my presentation, which zoomed into different parts of

  • Martin Luther King : The Civil Rights Movement

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    turning point in the minds of the people of America. A major influence was the speech King gave in Washington on August the 28th, 1963. This public speech was named ‘I Have a Dream’, it calls for social, economic and racial equality for everyone living in the United States Of America. This speech was so important in the movement partly because it reached the ears of 250,000 people. He also made sure he delivered his speech in a very powerful related location, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. King’s

  • People with Disabilities

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    From the beginning of human history to the 1700s, people with disabilities were often treated badly or even killed for being different. Typically shunned by early societies, (Special Education, 2014) people with disabilities were pushed aside, abandoned as babies, or even tortured for being different (Raymond, 2012). Stigma associated with difference and superstition often convinced people that cognitive or physical differences were the work of demons and that these people needed to be executed

  • Feminism In Pygmalion

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    Ring up Whitely or somebody for new ones. Wrap her up in brown paper till they come”. (Pygmalion, Act II, 37) Eliza in the climax scene hence brings up this topic saying, “… all I want to know is whether anything belongs to me. My own clothes were burnt.” (Act IV, 101) Moreover, he adds on saying Mrs. Pearce, “… if she gives you any trouble, wallop her.” (Act II, 37). He also recommends Mrs. Pearce to; “put

  • The Revolution Of The Great War

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    On May 9, 1936, a crowd of four hundred thousand had gathered around the Palazzo Venezia in Rome to hear the speech of their powerful and adored leader, Benito Mussolini. The Italian dictator was loved by the majority of the population and even referred to, by some of his own generals, as a god. Regardless of what outside opinions might have been towards Mussolini the country still respected him. The question then becomes, what were the circumstances in Italy that attributed to the dictator’s rise