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    Second Grade, Unit 1, Cornerstone 1, Lessons I am a Botanist! Planting a Seed! Cornerstone Summary Second graders will be a Brassica plant investigator, or botanist. This will also provide students with a deeper look into the plant kingdom. Students will care for plants to see what they need to grow and develop. They will observe, investigate and discover what plants need to propagate and grow. Throughout this Cornerstone they will be their very own Brassica investigator by planting, observing

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    What is your favorite medicinal plant? There are hundreds of medicinal plants throughout the world and have been used for thousands of years by many people. There are numerous of medicinal plants still used today and we are constantly finding new uses for these plants. Medicinal plants are common plants that most people use every day, but you do not know that they are in your vitamins and other medicines. One such plant is the Blood Flower which is a very beautiful flower that has very important

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