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  • Pathophysiology Of Femur Fractures And Five Year Old Children

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    Compared with Spica Casts for Isolated Femoral Fractures in Four and Five-Year-Old Children Protocol of an Thesis Submitted for Partial Fulfillment of Master Degree in Orthopaedic Surgery BY Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim Mehrez Contents: • Introduction • Aim of Work • Review of Literature  Chapter 1: Pathophysiology of Femur Fractures in Children.  Chapter 2: Management with Intramedullary Nailing and Spica Casts.  Chapter 3: Advantages of Intramedullary Nailing and Spica Casts.  Chapter

  • Curricular Fibrocartilage Seizure Case Summary

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    enhance and restore strength and function of her right wrist. She will benefit from a thumb spica splint to allow her tendinitis to resolve. She will continue applying her Voltaren gel. Requested verification from the provider’s office on the number of visits attended to date; however, no callback/report was received prior to the submission of this request to PA. Are the requests for 1 Right Thumb Spica Splint; and 18 Physical Therapy Visits for the Right Wrist between 6/17/2016 and 8/16/2016

  • Congenital Hip Dislocation Case Study

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    Role of short course of pulsed steroids in congenital hip dislocation Intro : congenital hip dislocation or developmental hip hyperplasia is a condition that affects hip joint in babies and young children . It is the most common anomaly that occurs in hip joint in this age . It can be Caused by breech delivery and genetic causes . It is More common in females . In this disorder , the hip joint doesn't develop normally. Aim : To define effectiveness of using short course of pulsed steroids in

  • Radiographic Summary

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    Radiographic (X-ray) examination is the most useful diagnostic tool for assessing skeletal trauma. However, during normal growth and development, much of the skeleton of infants and young children is composed of radiolucent growth cartilage that may not appear on the x-ray. So sometimes x-rays can be less reliable than gross deformity and point tenderness in predicting extremity fractures. In this case, health care providers can obtain a film of the uninjured limb for direct comparison to help identify

  • Chemical Explosion: A Case Study

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    A spica thumb cast has been applied. The patient has demonstrated decreased active ROM during this session. The patient appears to be motivated to follow through with the recommended home program. Plan: continue with home exercise program. 12/23/15 PT note

  • DDH Case Study

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    Followed by a period of immobilization in a hip spica cast for about 2months .The plan of treatment in this work was basedon the preoperative clinical and imaging findings, together with intra-operative findings .In group 1, the femoral heads were transfixed into the acetabulum by a Kirschner wire, while

  • Sermon Injury: A Case Report

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    warehouseman who sustained a work-related crush injury to his right hand due to working on slitter, causing amputation of the right thumb. He is diagnosed with right thumb crush injury. Per initial evaluation dated 03/09/2016, patient is in a temporary thumb spica splint. Physical examination reveals post-operative wound at the right dorsal/radial forearm, palm, and ulnar wrist. There is minimal swelling. He has no current functional use of the right thumb. He is unable to write and pick up small 1cm-size objects

  • Synthesis Essay: It's Not Made Of The Silk Road

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    furnicher, food, plastic material. Today there are factories, schools, programs. Making stuff yourself was harded in the past but it’s easier now.In document A It gives us a list of good going from one place to another. That includes silk, horses, spicas, music and more.Those were just stuff they needed. Back then you had to make it yourself. Today there are factories that make stuff in an instant instead of days.Without the silk road there wouldn't have been a faster way to communicate with each

  • Proximal Humerus Fracture

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    EVOLUTION OF TREATMENT With advent of advanced medical care, the life span of humans has considerably increased. This in turn has increased the populations of the aged people. With the increased life span and need to be independent patients are now demanding for a better functional outcome following a fracture fixation. Management of proximal humerus fractures in the elderly has always posed a challenge to the orthopaedicians in their daily practice. The earliest documentation regarding proximal

  • Why My Family And I Started At A Thrift Store

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    As a mother to a toddler and pregnant with child number two I 've discovered a great passion for all things green. I have a significant appreciation for this beautiful planet that supplies the air my babys breath and the earth that helps fill my dinner table. This list will highlight where my family and I began. It cost significantly less then my cost of living prior to the "switch." I simply cannot stress how effortless it was. Cloth I choose to cloth diaper my children. A very thorough rundown