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  • Essay On Digital Assistant

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    Students primarily rely on professors and academic advisors to recommend a class schedule to them each semester. On the student side, it is assumed that this recommended schedule is moving them toward graduation while preparing them for career success. However, given that upper level classes in the CS/IT department at Clayton State University aren’t always offered every semester, students can risk delaying graduation and not being fully career ready, by not doing enough of their own research into

  • Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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    habitual movements seemed like those of a robot, an automaton with no sense of its surroundings. When I slammed my locker, it produced a forceful, clanky sound as it permeated across the hall of Moore High School. In the hallway, creamy-colored tiles outstretched the floors; navy blue lockers lined up the hall. To my left, I saw a pale yellow

  • Fairness Is Equality, And Equality Is Perfection

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    Distribution Day "Fairness is equality, and equality is perfection." The cold of winter had finally given way to gentle temperateness, and the spring sun shone over the massive, perfectly manicured lawn, dappling its light through the leafy branches of the grand, towering oak tree. Elana Steinbach sat peacefully thereunder, sipping cool, sweet lemonade for the first time in months as she perused a book. The leaves danced in the cool breeze; the whole environment was quite tranquil. There was

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    Bending her head down, she said a few words, words they all knew during those times they could act human and pay respect to a fallen soul. She said the prayer out of some kind of guilt or mercy, she couldn’t decide which she leaned to more. “Peace be with you, and may you rest now forevermore,” she finished and began the journey back to the compound. She was heading home. The thick, metal door closed behind her, creaking and echoing throughout the long hallway that began the maze of hallways

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    nothing. A few minutes I walked by a room where there was a dead man on the floor, someone in a partially opened elevator, and a bloody prisoner looking guy. “Camera man!” The bloody prisoner growled as he began walking my way. I turned and ran down the hall. As I did I heard this loud screech coming from the room where the man had killed that scientist. I would have worried about it, but a crazy murderer was probably chasing me. I looked for somewhere to hide, but I didn't find anything besides a locker

  • The People Of Baydell Were Not Too Proud Of Their History

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    town at this time of day. She ignored them and continued towards her goal. She finally arrived outside the council hall with its old worn out stone statue of a hooded figure with dead eyes who Fallyn could only assume was one of the council members. She moved forwards. The sparsely placed trees she passed were replaced by the tall steel street lanterns lining the pathway up to the hall. She moved forwards. The burning determination within her mind slowly dwindled to a spark as the rough hewn stone

  • IM Dead : A Short Story

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    the first round hammering into the hard ceramic shell of his full face helmet, and the second puncturing through to find the gray matter underneath. She shifted her eyes further up the hall, seeing more soldiers coming and emptied the magazine without aiming, forcing them to scramble for cover as she ran down the hall. The air sizzled like fresh bacon as suppressed bullets tore through the air after her. It had to be the food, that was the only thing that fit the timing. She was only alive now because

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    been up there. It would be nice to pay the place a visit. Without making a sound, he inched down the hall until he reached the stairs. Baz walked normally now, as there was no risk of people overhearing him here, in the stairwell. When he finally got up the two flights of stairs, he sneaked back out into the hallway. Looking both ways to see if there were any early wakers about, he trudged down the hall until he reached a door at the end of the hallway. The brass nameplate read: Attic. Baz opened the

  • Summary Of ' The Night Room Of Mirrors '

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    his heels to slow his momentum and come to a complete stop. There was another long hallway behind the smashed mirror – as though a door was meant to be in place of the mirror all along. It did not take long for Jim to decide between staying in the hall of mirrors or chancing the contents of the hallway extended before him. He was soon jogging down a carpeted corridor toward the next room of carnage and oddities. Susan… I can ignore everything else so long as I focus on Susan… Suddenly, a giant black

  • The Night - Original Writing

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    An intruder had entered the town that was engulfed by a dark fog. Even the moonlight struggled to break through it, but his headlights blared through the air piercing through the seemingly impenetrable haze. It was an insensitive gesture towards the quiet town where not a soul stirred with the exception of the sleepless few. In the distance an old lady struggled for air, half waking from a nightmare, half from the disease that was breaking her. She fell in and out of sleep until she finally lay to