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  • Spoiler Warning: Persona Five Palaces

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    Spoiler Warning: This discusses the way Persona 5 Palaces work, so that this isn't just a P5 player meme. Not terribly huge spoilers, but this is less vague about some of the Persona 5 terms. If you have the basic gist of the Palaces, you can totally skip straight to the prompts. In the world of human cognition, desires are king. They decide what you will do, what you won't do, and what you will become. However, if they are all that you allow to drive yourself, giving into your desires without justice

  • Supernatural Character Analysis

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    Characters you should know from Supernatural and things about them (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS) Supernatural is a show about two brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester, or as Crowley says, Moose and Squirrel. The two brothers crisscross the country fighting demons, witches and all kinds of different monsters and ghosts making friends and enemies along the way. Dean and Sam Sam and Dean are brothers which means they don't always get along but when they do fight it doesn’t last long because they eventually

  • Spoilers Of The Mongols

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    The Mongols must be considered spoilers of the fine-tuned game of Islamic Legitimacy in the Middle Ages, the Seventh and Eighth Islamic Centuries. Essentially, in the beginning of their conquests, they did not give a whit for Islamic Legitimacy. They were soon able to create their own “Legitimacy,” but until Jenghiz Khan instituted the Mongol Empire, the Mongols were more interested in having legitimacy for their Confederation bestowed upon them from the Chin Dynasty in Northern China. In the early

  • Outlander Spoilers

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    "Outlander" season 3 latest spoilers hint of a possible death of two major characters according to executive producer. While the hit Brittish series is yet to announce its air date, fans are hungry for details regarding the upcoming season. Aside from two major deaths, fans are in for some steamier scenes too. Jamie & Claire Meet Again GamenGuide previously reported that "Outlander" has been renewed for a third and fourth season, following the books "Voyager" and "Drums of Autumns" by Diana Gabaldon

  • Spoiler Alert !

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    has been done to develop a consumer-oriented device to detect when milk has spoiled to either prevent its ingestion or avoid wasting it. However, these devices have not reached the market because of high cost, reusability issues and complexity. “Spoiler Alert!” is a sensor system that attempts to tackle the problem of food wastage in the milk industry. This sensor system will be embedded in the cap of the milk carton, making it small and convenient. This smart cap will detect milk spoilage in any

  • The Walking Dead Spoilers

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    “The Walking Dead” Spoilers: Negan Killed Abraham, Reveals Source from the Sets With the finale of “The Walking Dead” ending in a cliffhanger, viewers have no idea who did Negan kill with his weapon- Lucille. And it has left every fan wondering who the victim might be. Well, if reports from the set are to be believed, the poor victim happens to be Abraham. Interestingly, he has been also on top of the guessing list of viewers and there are ample reasons to support the theory. Firstly, he was shown

  • Madam Secretary Spoilers

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    Madam Secretary Spoilers: “Render Safe” Brings Henry under Danger, President Reckons Invasion Madam Secretary is about to wind up its second season and the penultimate episode titled “Render Safe” is packed with action, suspense and drama. Spoilers suggest that Henry and associates will come under grave danger as they carry on their hunt in Pakistan to nab the dreaded terrorist. In the earlier episode, we had already seen Murphy Station team (Henry, Jane and Jose) being sent on a mission after President

  • Spoilers: The Bold And The Beautiful

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    ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam Takes an Important Step While Katie takes to Drinking Intense moments and emotional outbursts lie ahead for the viewers of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ because the affair of Bill and Brooke is finally getting to the place where they feared it shouldn’t. According to spoiler reports, Liam has made up his mind to break the bad news to Katie. After torturing himself for keeping the affair secret from her despite promising her that he would watch out for her

  • The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers

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    ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ridge wants Quinn to leave Eric, Bill starts fearing Katie and asks Brooke to betray her sister The saga of Bill, Brooke and Katie is getting murkier day by day and the coming episodes will see intense action on the part of Quinn and Eric as well. According to spoiler reports, Quinn and Deacon will discuss about Eric and the latter takes a dig at her Monte Carlo fiasco. He feels happy at seeing his prophecy about the trip’s misadventure coming true, but she

  • The Young And The Restless Spoilers

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    'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Nikki questions Victor, Mariah walks out and Dylan faces a mystery A lot is going to take place on “The Young and the Restless” in the next episode as emotions run high and mystery also makes an appearance. CBS has released the official synopsis for the Wednesday episode for “The Young and the Restless,” reports Hollywood Hills. The synopsis hints at some interesting drama as it says that Nikki will be questioning Victor's motives. She tells him that they