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  • Sponge Body

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    1) Discuss the basic body plan for organisms in phylum porifera. In your answer, be sure to also explain why sponges are considered multicellular organisms even though they do not have any tissues. You should also describe the key cell types that the sponges might possess, and explain the various modes of sponge reproduction. If poriferans possess any organs, you should also describe these organs and how they function. Finally, your answer should also include a discussion of the various taxonomic

  • Oscula Study of a Sponge Essay

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    All the sponge parameters measured in our study in between the two discrete depth zones revealed a clear statistical difference and consistently higher values for the shallow location except from the sponge surface area (Median shallow,deep = 85, 152 cm2, respectively) and oscular number per sponge area (Median shallow,deep = 0.04, 024 cm2 respectively). Similar to our study of turbidity in the previous section the parameters given above for the deeper zone was higher for the sponges with lesser

  • The Town Of The Sponge Docks : A Lively Neighborhood Of Diversity, Culture, And A Story Unto

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    hidden treasures are only known because the public happens to stumble upon them, or the location is spread by word of mouth. This little adventure is going to tell a tale of the historical district of the Sponge Docks. A lively neighborhood of diversity, culture, and a story unto it its own. The Sponge Docks ae located in the historical city of Tarpon Springs. Upon entrance of the docks an immediate feeling of the beat of this little vibrant community can be felt. Enthusiastic vendors are heard from

  • Dolphin Foraging Techniques Essay examples

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    Bottlenose dolphins are known to use sea sponges as tools when foraging for food in the ocean. This behavior is referred to as “sponging”. “Sponging” refers to when these particular dolphins put a sea sponge over their rostrum (snout area) and use it to help collect food. Different explanations have been given as to why Bottlenose Dolphins engage in this behavior. It has been perceived that young dolphins learn this behavior from their mothers. Researchers are also exploring the option that a differentiation

  • Polyurethane

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    What specific material in three different types of sponges polyurethane, polyether(the rainbow packs), or polyester help that sponge holds the most the water? Well that's what we're going to be talking about in this research paper. This project is important to help others learn what type of sponge to buy when going to buy one at the store. This will also enable me to not just learn about sponges, but to learn about what’s in that specific sponge out of the three polyurethane, polyether(the rainbow

  • Dry Sponge

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    day activities that use sponges that you can do with your preschool class on their water day. #1: Sponge Foot Pass For this activity you will need a couple of large sponges. Have your students lay down on their backs head to toe with one another in a line with three of four other students. Then, give the student at the front of the line a sponge filled with water. Have your students try their best to use only their feet to pass the sponge to their friends. #2: Sponge Squeeze Race This is a

  • Day Of The Sponge

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    your final copy on this page) The day of the Sponge So there I was dry waiting to get wet by the sponge , wait let me tell you what happened before that. One day I was with my friends Charlize and Serena, we were at their birthday party, and we were already having SO much fun. Then Charlize had an idea she said, “How about we play duck duck sponge.” then, I nodded my head yes. We went to ask the other kids if they wanted to play they all said

  • Sponges Research Papers

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    Sponges. When we hear that word, most of us think of the crusty sponge sitting next to the sink. Well, what if I told you that there is an entire world of sponges that are living creatures at the bottom of the ocean? It's true, and I'm here to tell you about it. Sponges are the basalmost clade of animals of the phylum Porifera. They are multicellular parazoan organisms that have bodies full of pores and channels allowing water to circulate through them, consisting of jelly-like mesohyl sandwiched

  • Research On Dry Sponges

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    isopods were used among the three trials conducted. The average dimensions of the sponges used was 5cm in length, 3cm in width, and 1cm in height. Using a 3 ml transfer pipette to moisten two of the sponges. Adding water to one side of each sponge and adding water to the other side in 3mL quantities. This would give us a total of 6 milliliters that the sponges absorbed. By taking the average dimensions of the 2 damp sponges they came out to be 5.75cm in length, 3.4cm in width, and 1.1 in height. Before

  • Speech On Fractals

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    better you just fill it with a Quantum Field exactly similar to the field we have discussed in terms of “Higgs Field” and suppose now you enter into this cube .What will happen? ……….Certainly, because there is flow of Higgs field within this Menger Sponge that is made up of observable universe , you will see an endless series of patterns all around you as they exist in idea of Chaos or science of chaos, known today as “Chaology “.An endless series of structures and there is a probability that there