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  • Thorny Lizard Research Paper

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    like the common green lizard. The Thorny Lizard is a unique animal that belongs in the kingdom Animalia. It is apart of the phylum Chordata and the class reptilia, which contains snakes, turtles, and other lizards. It is also a part of the order Squamata and the family Agamidae and finally, its genus is Moloch. These lizards are not going to be found in a grassy backyard or on a fence but rather somewhere much more secluded and very hot. These lizards are indigenous to Australia. It is here that

  • Repticon Analysis

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    For the past ten years, Repticon Reptile and Exotic Animal Conventions have toured America, traveling to cities displaying a wide gamut of exotic pets with hopes of informing potential owners about the benefits of owning one (Repticon). Because I have never obtained an affinity for exotic animals, I was confident Repticon would ensure my uneasiness and feelings of being an outsider. As I approached the front door, I was greeted by a gigantic, inflatable snake that welcomed eager attendees, much

  • The Snake - Original Writing

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    Once there was a snake. The snake was eaten by a giant lizard called a komodo dragon. His name was George but he though that name was dumb. So he spent a few days thinking of a new name. Then he settled for the name Komodo. Then he saw something that looked like another snake. The snake was moving behind him and was as long as he was. So he chased it but the snake kept following him. He chased it for 2 days before he remembered it was his tail. He bit it was how he remembered. Then he found a kangaroo

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Reptiles

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    Reptiles are first group of vertebrates which became fully adapted for terrestrial mode of life. Reptiles consist mainly of snakes, tortoises, crocodiles. They are not considered economically useful as many of them like snakes and crocodiles are harmful. Still they have some economic importance such as –

  • Lizard Adaptations

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    Josiah Lizards The lizard is a fascinating creature. Lizards vary in size, shape, ability, dietary needs, habitat, and mating. For instance, the Komodo dragon is bigger than a gecko, needs more food to eat, and eats a different source of food. The iguana will live near the water, while a ruin lizard will live in grassy fields, parks, or gardens. Nonetheless all these animals are still lizards. It is intriguing to learn about the habitats, predators, and characteristics of lizards. Lizards have different

  • Essay On Carbon Clearance Assay

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    increasing interest in the investigation of medicinal plants for the discovery of new antimicrobial,immunomodulatory and antioxidant agents[28]. In this study, in vitro antioxidant and anti inflammatory activity of different extracts of Juniperus squamata were tested for their antioxidant activity using DPPH,H2O2, OH and lipid peroxidation. Immunomodulatory activity was determined by Carbon clearance and DTH assay. The evaluate antioxidant

  • Division and Classification Essay (Reptiles)

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    and completed, which is the slowest for all reptiles. Tuatara can continue growing for up to the first thirty-five years of their life. The Tuatara has been on the endangered species list for the past one-hundred years (Wikipedia, Sphenodontia). Squamata is the largest and most recent order of reptiles, including the species lizards, snakes, and worm lizards. The order is about one-hundred and sixty million years old and has approiemently 7,900 species in this domain. Species in this order are distinguished

  • How Does Ultraviolet Reflection Affect Color Of Chameleons?

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    Ultraviolet reflectance in Malagasy chameleons of the genus FurciferFurcifer (Squamata: Chamaeleonidae) (Squamata: Chamaeleonidae) Abstract “Chameleons are well known for their colorful appearance and their ability to change colors. Although tetrachromatic color vision has been proven, UV-reflecting color patterns have not been studied in chameleons so far. The study presented here provides preliminary data on UV-reflecting color patterns in chameleons. Three Malagasy chameleon species (Furciferpardalis

  • A Brief Look at a Legionnaire's Equipment

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    A brief look at a legionnaire’s equipment Very few empires throughout history have rivaled the resplendence and sheer size of the Roman Empire at its peak. The height of the empire was achieved in the year 117 ad with a size of 6.5 million sq. km. One of the defining factors that allowed the romans to have such successful conquests and to maintain such a large empire is the standardization of equipment that its troops had to abide by. The quality of the equipment was another factor that played a

  • Why Do Cold Blooded Animals Exist

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    Snakes are known to have no legs and long body. They belong to Squamata group (reptiles group that have scales). They are considered the most adaptable animals to their environtments. They can be found at almost all over the world: in the mountains, forests, plains, neighborhoods, deserts, farms, until the sea. Although, they will increasingly rare in colder place because they are cold-blooded animals. Cold-blooded animals need warmth of the sun to keep their body temperature. That is why they are