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  • Role Of Sri Aurobindo

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    HERO IN SRI AUROBINDO‘S PLAY VASAVADATTA Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) was a major Indian English playwright. He wrote five complete and six incomplete verse plays during 1891-1916.He was a great philosopher also. Glimpses of his philosophy such as idea of evolution and consciousness, intuition and love can be seen as major themes of his plays. All his plays are in the form of in poetry and romance. This present research article will study the hero of the play Vasavdatta in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s

  • Sri Aurobindo

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    Sri Aurobindo was a revolutionary, poet, philosopher, writer, and Spiritual Master. One of India 's great modern philosophers, Aurobindo was a prolific author who expressed his views on humankind, nature, God, and the cosmos in numerous works of poetry and prose. He believed in the unity of all things material, intellectual, and spiritual, and a central theme that runs throughout all his writings is the divinization of life on earth. Sri Aurobindo, not only expressed his spiritual thought and vision

  • Essay On Sri Aurobindo

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    Political Life Sri Aurobindo's life can be divided into two clear phases. The first relates to political activism and the second to spiritual activism. Aurobindo's political career lasted only four years, from 1906 to 1910. Though he had been active behind the scene surveying, organizing and supporting the nationalist cause, ever since his return to India, especially during his excursions to Bengal. In 1905 an event occurred that changed the course of Indian history and the freedom movement. This

  • Summary Of Rabindranath Tagore And Sri Aurobindo

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    Rabindranath Tagore and Sri Aurobindo are the first Indian dramatists in English worth considering. Tagore wrote primarily in Bengali but almost all his Bengali plays are now available to us in English renderings. His important plays are Chitra, The Post Office, Sacrifice, Red Oleanders, Chandalika, Mukta Dhara and Natir Puja. The plays are firmly rooted in Indian ethos and present an unusually original dramatic vision. As Jain puts it: In these plays, there is an attempt to capture and present basic

  • The Experience Side Of Consciousness

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    Consciousness is part biology, “…each state of consciousness is composed of a number of basic psychological processes such as memory, thought, sense of time, body-perception and the senses of hearing, smell, taste, and so on”, and part experience. (Wilber 52) I am going to focus on the experience side of consciousness because it is less concrete than the genetic side. It is a concept that is socially constructed to define an abstract phenomenon. Consciousness is the awareness of being conscious.

  • Learning Experience : A Multi Disciplinary Study Tour

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    opportunity to have multiple educational and confronting experiences that would otherwise be difficult to experience in Australia through a textbook. Whilst being in Sri Lanka we were able to be involved, tested and challenged at the various organizations, institutes, schools and hospitals. Visiting a wide variety of health systems throughout Sri Lanka provided an insight to the development of the country and the issues they face. The healthcare professionals were very specific and concise when explaining

  • Meditation's Benefits On Human Health

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    concentrate on our minds letting our thoughts fade away. This state of thoughtless awareness, known as a meditation, has a positive impact on our physical and mental health. First of all, meditating regularly can significantly affect our mental health. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a famous spiritual leader states that “meditation helps in two ways – it prevents stress from entering

  • Mon Shah Joshi Observes,” Before The Battle Begins, We

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    Mon Shah Joshi observes,” Before the battle begins, we start out believing that being with this person will make us happy” (43). Mona Joshi wrote an article,”6 Secrets of Happy Relationships”, which gives insightful information on how to achieve emotional and spiritual stability in marriage. Joshi has been teaching the Happiness Program and various advanced-level programs for over twenty years. She writes about several ways accomplish a greater sense of happiness and ways to construct on a once crumbling

  • Introduction Of Sumeru Software Solutions Essay

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    and professional staffing. With a clientele spread in over 20 countries and offices in London, Dubai and Washington DC, Sumero is set on a path of growth accelerated by its strong business values and professional ethics. Formed by the devotees of Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji, Sumero was initially created to provide financial assistance for activities of the Art of Living Foundation. It now holds over 200 full time employees and several part time employees who are on project based contracts. Problem statement

  • Future of Saarc

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    irreconcilably divergent religions, political perceptions and ethnic cleavages. It became impossible to make the Hindus and Muslims live under any single arrangement. They could not get along side by side any more. The other States which became independent were Sri Lanka (1948), the Maldives (1996) and Bangladesh 1971, whose story of creation is somewhat different. Nepal and Bhutan are other two small sovereign States who matter much in the South Asian affairs. All these States have relations with each other,