SS Andrea Doria

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  • The Andrea Doria And The Collisions Of The Andrea Doria

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    liner, collided into the Andrea Doria, Italian luxury liner, south of Nantucket. The collision claimed 46 lives onboard the Andrea Doria and five lives onboard the Stockholm. This was the world’s first RADAR assisted collision at sea (Halpern, 2008). However, the collision was not caused by a RADAR malfunction. The collision was a result from the incompetence of the crew with the RADAR and the overall misconduct of the crew. The fog was very dense around the Andrea Doria as it traveled west at 267

  • The New Frontier For Our Modernized World

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    “Seafare, the new frontier for our modernized world.”- Cunard Line shipbuilding franchise. Back the 1800’s, the main goal for shipbuilding companies around Europe, was the crossing of the great Atlantic Ocean. These competitions would rowel up the people of Europe, giving them more reason to believe that mankind can perform anything. The Atlantic voyages, were the space race of the 1800’s, each company tried to make the biggest ship, and the fastest ship, to make it across the Atlantic in record