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  • St. Anselm Of Canterbury

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    philosophers have been concerned with proving the existence of god, and from this has sprouted many arguments attempting to prove or disprove god’s existence from a wide variety of different perspectives. St. Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury has proved a true pioneer in the study of the philosophy of religion. Anselm provided one of the most crucial and influential solutions to solving the mystery of god’s existence, the Ontological Argument. While there were many different arguments (along with their originators)

  • Boso And St. Anselm

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    beginning of the first book of Cur Deus Homo, Boso and St. Anselm are having a conversation. The two men discuss different topics and issues all involving God. Boso fills the role of the questioner, while Anselm explains his thoughts and beliefs. He still does not really understand what he believes in and is slowly trying to put all all the pieces together. Boso asked why it was necessary for God to become human and why the son of God had to suffer. Anselm answered with the idea that only a divine person

  • St. Anselm Essay

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    St. Anselm Not every great writer can be correct in what he or she is saying. This is the idea that Gaunilo had in mind when he wrote his criticism to St. Anselm’s Ontological Argument which states that if something greater than anything else that could be thought of is conceived in the understanding then it must exist. Gaunilo says it is foolish to believe in the existence of something just because it is understood. He says there must be some kind of other explanation. In this paper, I

  • St. Anselm : Meditation On Human Redemption

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    Anselm, sometimes thought of as the first philosopher of Christianity, practiced scholasticism, and in his writings he attempted harmonizing faith and reason. A piece of writing he is author of is called Meditation on Human Redemption. Anselm touches on a variety of topics in this writing. The three major points this document covers are the concept of why God the Father is not able to simply forgive all of humanity’s sins, how justice is to be brought about once humans sin, and how Jesus Christ paid

  • The Cathedral Of Canterbury Cathedral

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    The king’s wife Queen Bertha was a Christian and she worshipped at an old Roman Church, which was called St Martin’s Church. Augustine had succeeded in converting the King - Ethelbert to Christianity. Canterbury was the centre of the revived Christian Church in England. Augustine also established a building occupied by a community of monks between St Martin’s Church which is now known today as St Augustine’s Abbey. Augustine was also given another Roman Church by King Ethelbert which was later then

  • Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Essay

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    To begin with, a brief summary of Anselm’s ontological argument is appropriate. First, Anselm describes God as, “something than which we can conceive of nothing greater.” He then proceeds to ascribe two important features to the fool: (a) He understands the claim (or, the definition) that God is something than which we can conceive of nothing greater. (b) He does not believe that God exists. Anselm believes that this combination is contradictory and that, surely, anyone who understands who

  • An Examination Into The Respective Proofs Of St. Aquinas

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    Examination into the Respective Proofs of St. Anselm and St. Aquinas During the Medieval Period, philosophers shifted their focus primarily to proving the existence of God, as well as other religious tenets. Two Saints of the Catholic Church, St. Anselm and St. Thomas Aquinas, developed their own respective proofs for the existence of God. These proofs have gained fame over the subsequent centuries and still face debate and comparison today. Although both St. Anselm and St. Thomas Aquinas offer proofs for

  • Can We Prove God Exists? Essay

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    Philosophers, whether they are atheists, or believers have always been eager to discuss the existence of God. Some philosophers, such as St Thomas Aquinas, and St Anselm, believe that we have proven that God exists through our senses, logic, and experience. Others such as Soren Kierkegaard, and Holbach, feel that we will never have the answer to this question due to our human limitations, and reason. The believer tends to rely on faith for his belief, and claim they do not need proof in order to

  • Anshelm¬¥s Proof of God¬¥s Existence

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    issue to this day! In the following I will commit myself to the above-mentioned question by firstly reconstructing Anselm´s proof of God´s existence and secondly considering his position in the light of the critique put forward by Gaunilo, Aquinas and Kant. St. Anselm (1033-1109) was an Italian philosopher and monk who later left his country to become Archbishop of Canterbury. As Anselm firmly believed in God, he wanted to prove God´s existence through

  • The Arguments For The Existence Of God

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    Amie Kamara Professor Davidson Theology 16 November 2015 Rough Draft for The arguments for the Existence of God. The question "Does God Exist?" is a well-known asked question in the world. Most people believe they know the answer to it. The religious people would say, well of course he does, while the non-religious people or atheist would say no He does not exist. Because evil exist and chaos exists, God cannot be all-powerful. In the modern world, there are many different opinions as to whether