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  • Analysis Of Stacy Peralta 's Film, Lords Of Dogtown And Z Boys And Crips And Bloods

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    night changed my life forever. I had scene both Dogtown films, Lords of Dogtown and Dogtown and Z-Boys. I rarely ever read the opening or closing credits, so I had never known that Stacy Peralta wrote the screenplay for the former and was a co-writer and director for the latter. For my final essay, I chose to explore Stacy Peralta’s

  • Dogtown And Z-Boys Film Analysis

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    where the film should be shot and where the action happens, is never coincidental. As a proof for that assumption stands in two films; neo-Noir film Chinatown (1974) directed by Roman Polanski and documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys (2001) directed by Stacy Peralta. Both movies relate to various aspects and issues of urban studies and demonstrate various approaches towards the city, urban environment, and population. In Chinatown, for example, the movie makers cover the phenomenon of urbanization and it influence

  • Dogtown And Z-Boys Subcultures

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    The subcultures have often been considered as the phenomenon that stands out from the society and contradicts it. Nevertheless, the emergence of any type of subcultures is to a high extent stimulated and supported by the social factors as well as historical ones. The events that triggered the emergence and the development of the Z-Boys group and their subculture that later transformed into the complete culture and ideology among the American youth. The documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys depicts the story

  • The Stacy Peralta 's Film Called The Crips And Bloods

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    at its peak, America did not care that they were ruining the lives of African Americans everywhere. America also did not know that they had created two very dangerous monsters who would later run the streets of Los angles, using murder to do so. In Stacy Peralta’s documentary film called “The Crips and Bloods: Made in America”, gangs and gang violence is explained and shown in great detail. This documentary is used to attempt to bring attention to these gang’s brutal way of life and what caused this

  • Skating : Sports Revolving Around Disrespect Of Authority With A Rebellious Attitude

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    Mini-Ramp Skating is a very misinterpreted sport revolving around disrespect to authority with a rebellious attitude. But it is much more than that. Skateboarding is an outlet for creativity, a stress reliever, and teaches you perseverance. It is a great and productive way to relieve stress, instead of sitting at home playing video games; it is a good break from everyday life. Skateboarding teaches you perseverance and how to take a fall. “You keep getting back up and pushing yourself, even after

  • The Ideal Of Heroism

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    The ideal of heroism in comics is displayed as that of “normal” citizens taking action against the tides of evil in the world. The fantastical element of super strength, uncanny agility, and web-slinging exploits are paled in comparison to what lives in the heart of a hero according to comics. Superheroes, or supervillains, are not gods who come down from heaven to save or destroy us, though there are exceptions, but are instead the human spirit uplifted to a point of power. In comics, a hero

  • The Characteristics Of Being Narcissistic

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    In recent years, the prevalence of having a main character in television shows be narcissistic yet likeable has grown. Today it seems that every popular show has one; Tyrion Lannister from “Game of Thrones” and Dexter Morgan from “Dexter”, both show defining characteristics of being narcissistic in nature, yet their characters are received extremely well by audiences. The question that arises from this is why do we find insubordination and a lack of regard for rules and the opinions of others so

  • Male Gaze In The Gaze

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    The gaze is an important part of any literary work in that it defines the viewpoint from which the reader sees the rest of the story. The gaze, however, is also much more than a particular point of view. It is a conveyance of power, and a way in which a narrator is able to completely shape the way readers understand other characters in the story, imparting their own standards and beliefs onto an often unrealizing audience. The gaze has a very clear relation to power in the sense that it is what

  • Overview of Dr. House

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    In the show House MD., Dr. House’s bizarre personality brings on a rather unique style of managing and supervising. Most of the time, the results of his techniques are effective, but it seems like he is questioned if his method is full proof. The episode I watched in this series is “Three Stories”, and the plot is Dr. House is teaching interns about three different hospital room situations. The supervisory skills and techniques I will explain about Dr. House is transparency, delegation, listening

  • What Is The Theme Of The Green Goblin

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    In 2002, Sam Raimi directed the first Spider-Man movie of the three-part series. In this movie, the famous Marvel comic book character, Peter Parker, adapts to his newfound super powers after being bitten by a genetically-enhanced spider on a high school field trip to OSCORP. Throughout this movie, he battles the infamous villain the Green Goblin, otherwise known as Norman Osborn, in New York City. Peter Parker is an outsider at his high school and has a crush on the beautiful and popular Mary Jane