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  • A Report On The Staff Team

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    Username: 2Chayynz​ Age: 13 -- I 'm sure this can be overlooked. I 'm mature for my age. The staff already know.​ Experience: LynxHCF - Owner GhoulHCF - Moderator ViperHCF - Trial Mod ParaPots - Moderator And a lot of random servers that are irrelevant.​ Gender: Female.​ Country: United States​ Bans/Tempbans.: I was banned for 3 days for "insiding" but as you can see the rank was removed due to it being false as I proved it wrong, all dia blocks removed were place and mined by me. I was a faction

  • Application Letter For A Staff Position

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    Skyblock section for about 13 days. In that time, I did things like moderate chat, browse through forums, and talk with the other members of the staff team in TeamSpeak or Slack. Unfortunately, I was removed from the staff team for a reason that was unclear to me. 64Bit- 64Bit was a smaller server run by my friend. He suggested that I apply on the forums for a staff position. On the first two applications, I was denied. Finally, on my third application, I was accepted. Over the span of three to four months

  • Sample Resume : Staff Applications

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    FORUMSSHOPSUPPORT2 / 20 Connect To SKYBLOCKY.COM Revamping Forums > Applications > Staff Applications > Application - AceDreamer Discussion in 'Staff Applications ' started by AceDreamer, Yesterday at 6:54 PM. Tags: Add Tags Thread ToolsUnwatch ThreadSelected Posts: 0 Page 1 of 3 123Next > AceDreamer Member Joined:May 21, 2016 Messages:32 Likes Received:35 What is your Minecraft username? AceDreamer​ How old are you? 18​ Do you have Skype? Yes, feel free to contact me privately for account

  • Why Should You Be Chosen As A Staff Member?

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    servers, PvPCraft infinite network and SkillzCraft, so I have my fair share of scrernsharing and banning. Are there any other servers you are working for?: Nope, as I took a break from moderation around a year ago Why should you be chosen as a staff member?: I believe that you should hire me, rather than anyone else is because of my experience in running servers and moderating servers. This is an important because I already have an idea of what to look for and what necessary steps I need to take

  • How The Staff Team Is A New Line Of Support

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    the Staff team?: What I can bring to the staff team is a new line of support. I have been playing minecraft for a very long time and I have

  • The Army As A Staff Sergeant

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    rank that is the culmination of my operational career. At this stage in the Army as a Staff Sergeant, I continually fulfill duty positions that are above and beyond my pay grade in both garrison and deployed environments, yet still remain competent on the tenets of my career field. This is best exemplified in my recent deployment with 1st Special Forces Group in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. As a Staff Sergeant, I served as the CJSOTF-I Task Force Counterintelligence Coordinating Authority

  • The Effects Of Playtime On Kitmap Comment

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    practice server currently out. The server reaches around 230 players at its peak, and roughly 130 - 150 regularly. I was Moderator+ on PvPGym before i later resigned due to being the only fluent English staff member there. Sarefine Being Trial-Mod on Sarefine way back was my starting spot in becoming staff. I was

  • Essay

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    feel uncomfortable and most of all, make the server fun for everyone! By receiving this position on the staff team, there is a better chance that we catch something that another staff may not. I hereby declare that when and if I receive this rank, I will protect Op craft's services from being abused. I will make it my main priority to keep Opcraft in check while also making

  • Assignment On Velocitymc Network

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    300-500 FPS » Are you currently staff on any other server? No. » List your past experiences as a staff member In my past, I was staff on very many HCF, and Regular Factions servers. Below, I will only list the servers that I think would be effective in my application. Please keep in mind, I have been staff on way more servers that just the list below. Regular Factions: -The Archon, I was staff on the Archon for around a year, and made my way to the Jr-Mod staff position. At the time, the Archon

  • What Is Your Minecraft Username?

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    experience, maturity, and circumstances will allow me to be the best staff member I can currently be for the community. In my best form above and beyond what I was able to perform before on YayMc and I am very eager to rejoin staff team again simply to get the same experience as before. I 've made mistakes in the past and I have learned from them and I can highly promise that wont happen again. 1.) I think I should become a staff member as i have loads of experience being one. I know how things work