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  • Geometry And Art Of Stained Glass

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    and Art of Stained Glass From a church to a person’s home, there is stained glass all around us. Most people take a look at stained glass and just admire the beauty, but not the work that goes into it. The intense planning and preparations in deciding what to make and how to put it all together. Not until recently, there has been no real equation for stained glass, but that has changed. People can now use formulas and equations to take a part a piece of work. All over the world stained glass is known

  • Romanesque And Gothic Design Of Stained Glass

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    are few things as beautiful and striking at looking up at a stained glass window with the sun light shining through and illuminating the vibrant and jewel tone colors of the individual pieces of glass that make up the window. During the 12th and 13th centuries, there was an explosion in the number of stained glass windows created for churches through out Europe and Britain. Of both Romanesque and Gothic design, the proliferation of stained glass was a result of a variety of causes. The evolution of

  • Cathedral: Medieval Stained Glass In The World

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    miles away, they use flying buttresses and ribbed vaults to help support the buildings walls. This skeletal system of supported allowed for large spaces of the cathedral to be free to put in stained-glass work. This stained-glass work is also said to be one of the most complete collections of medieval stained glass in the world. The cathedral has three large rose windows and the doors and porches have medieval carvings of statues. The statues were based on figures from the Old Testament, but some

  • Stained Glass : An Important And Innovative Form Of Art

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    Stained glass is an important and innovative form of art, that throughout the ages has grown in design, technique and been stretched to various cultures in the world. Stained glass illustrates stories by putting together pieces of colored glass into a mosaic form, to create a picture. Stained glass has existed for millenniums, and through its time the term “stained glass” is thought to be of reference to church windows and various other significant buildings. Traditionally, stained glass windows

  • Gothic Architecture With Magnificent Stained Glass Windows Lies Within The Sainte Chapelle

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    The ultimate expression of French Gothic architecture with magnificent stained glass windows lies within the Sainte-Chapelle. Sainte-Chapelle is considered a perfect example of the Rayonnant style of Gothic architecture. Sainte-Chapelle is located within the Palais de Justice complex on the Ile de la Cité, in the center of Paris. King Louis IX commissioned Sainte-Chapelle between 1241-1248 to house his relics and Christ’s Crown of Thorns. Louis IX bought the Crown of Thorn for 135,000 Livres. For

  • Stained Nails

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    Stained Nails? 3 Easy Home Remedies To Fix Stained Nails If you are a red nail polish lover then you will relate to stained nails. The darker shades nail paint often make the nail beds yellow and ugly. There are various reasons due to which your nails are turning yellow, the top most reason can be your nail paint. Nail paints have high pigmentation that often turn your nail beds yellow, also if your nail paint has formaldehyde then it can damage the keratins of your nails and stain them yellow.

  • My Diapers Are Stained

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    My Diapers Are Stained Oh no! You've pulled out your freshly washed diapers only to discover a big, fat stain on the liner of your favorite diaper. Before you panic and pull out your arsenal of stain fighters (or freak out because you don't have any stain fighters), stop and breathe. Poop stains happen! Whether these are new stains or old, stubborn stains, they can be removed! Before we get into removal techniques, let's talk about how to reduce stains. One of the first to prevent or lessen stains

  • Stained Yellow Teeth

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    Everyone dreams of having a bright, million dollar smile. White teeth make you look younger and more attractive. Not surprisingly, they also make you look healthier, more presentable and confident. Stained yellow teethe can add years to your face, making you look tired, worn out and even unhygienic. Everyone craves white teeth, but not everyone can afford the bleaching treatments it takes to get them. Also bleaching your teeth can weaken them. Below is a list of foods that can whiten your teeth naturally

  • Stained Glass Kits

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    Creating objects from stained glass is an art that goes back for centuries. The beautiful church windows that you have seen and the wonderful Tiffany style lamps are examples that show what can be done working with stained glass. This is a craft that anyone can learn. And getting started making your own projects is a great way to get started. One good method of getting your feet wet is to start with stained glass kits that contains all the basic starting materials you need. These kits can be bought

  • Stained Glass Art Analysis

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    The piece of art that stuck out to me the most was the stain glass window about the virtues of love and charity. However, I am very biased towards this piece of artwork because I helped make it for our group window in Stained Glass. I really like this piece because I understand how much work and effort is involved in its creation. While Sr. Kelly picked the virtues of the window, love and charity, the creative process was entirely our own. We all brainstormed ideas of what these virtues looked like