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  • Essay On High Stakes Testing

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    Standardized high-stakes testing is necessary in today's school systems and policies within education. The fate of annual standardized testing is being considered as Congress debates the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), also known as the No Child Left Behind Act (Evans, 2015). Testing in its current form may seem detrimental to student learning, but the only thing worse than standardized testing is not having testing at all (Evans, 2015). Standardized High-stakes Testing

  • High Stakes Testing Essay

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    High Stakes Testing Albert Einstein once stated, “not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts.” High-stakes testing attempts to determine the knowledge a person has obtained throughout grades K-12. These standardized tests are being used to judge a person’s ability to graduate from high school and also judge if a child has enough knowledge to proceed to the next grade level. Throughout this paper, I will be discussing how these tests do not accurately

  • Reflection On High Stakes Testing

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    2 Reflection: High Stakes Testing 1) Share your experiences with the administration of high stakes testing of your students, students in a classroom you observed, or your own children. What is the attitude of the students? Do you think this or other situational factors could have influenced scores? What was the role of teachers or administrators in these factors? Every fall and spring of the year, our school has all students participate in NWEA Maps testing. These tests are used to create our

  • Benefits And Backlashes Of High Stakes Testing

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    The Benefits and Backlashes of High-Stakes Testing What if the determining factor of whether or not you would be successful or a failure in life was solely based on the results of one test. Regardless of all the progress you have accomplished over your life, it all comes down to this big moment, the big test! That is the reality many students face annually due to high-stakes testing. High-stakes testing is the use of a summative test or an assessment to make decisions that are of prominent educational

  • Essay about High Stakes Testing

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    High Stakes Testing In 1997, President Bill Clinton stated that the United States needed, “ a national crusade for education standards - not federal government standards, but national standards, representing what all our students must know to succeed in the knowledge economy of the twenty-first century”( The way to succeed in this journey is through standardized testing that results in consequences for teachers and students. Throughout

  • High Stakes Testing And Statewide Standards

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    High-stakes testing and statewide standards The Department of Education concludes that high-stakes testing and statewide standards puts too strain on both the teacher and student. Multiple studies show evidence of miscalculation of scores, teachers being blamed for low test score, and too much time spent on preparation for the tests. The purpose of this policy brief is to elaborate on the non-beneficial components of high-stakes testing and statewide standards. Thus, peer-reviewed research articles

  • Is High Stakes Tests Necessary? Essay

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    Glossary of Education Reform (, high-stakes tests are designed to measure student achievement and to determine whether a student is intelligent enough to advance in education. These tests can come in many forms; although the SAT and ACT are considered the most common examples of high-stakes tests in America, any test used to make important decisions about a student can be considered a high-stakes test. For example, students giving oral reports in front

  • High Stakes Testing Is An Educational Strategy

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    High-stakes testing is an educational strategy that affects students, teachers, and society as a whole. The topic of high-stakes testing has been supported and discredited by many educators, politicians, and citizens. Nationally, schools are using high-stakes testing for a variety of reasons. The American Educational Research Association discussed high-stakes testing and issued a statement that read: Many states and school districts mandate testing programs to gather data about student achievement

  • The Negative Effects of High-Stakes Tests Essay

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    Visualize a standardized test taken annually by millions of students in the U.S.A. that directly affects teaching methods, school budgets, and grade promotion. Presently, millions of schools are utilizing high-stakes tests to determine these major factors. The United States expects students to perform well on standardized testing, or school districts will suffer financial consequences under the No Child Left Behind Act (Au 502). This places pressure on everyone from administrators to students in

  • High Stakes Testing And The Turn Is Not Well Received

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    related to standardized tests, and the possible solutions for them. Education has gone from standardized testing to high stakes testing and the turn is not well received. A standardized test is defined by, “The Glossary of Education Reform”, as any form of test that (1) requires all test takers to answer the same