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  • The Murder Case Of Stanford White

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    In the early 1900s, the murder case of Stanford White would shock the world and would soon be named the “crime of the Century. Stanford White was an up and coming architect during the late 1800’s, he was especially gaining fame in New York City after forming the “Mckee, Mead and White” company with other architects. One of his many accomplishments was the building of the Madison Square Garden Tower in 1890. Meanwhile in Philadelphia, 14 year old Florence (a.k.a. Evelyn) Nesbit was gaining fame

  • The Rise And Fall Of Evelyn Nesbit

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    a hundred years later but anyways this was the most scandalous story of the early 20th century everybody wants a piece of this story. The story made headlines all over America especially right here in New York, Evelyn Nesbit, Harry K Thaw, and Stanford White all part take in this scandalous story. If you didn't know Evelyn Nesbit before now you will. In each article they all explain the event the happened in June 25,1906, but we are going to learn about how she dealt with the situation and how it

  • The Progressive Era of American History Illustrated in the Novel, Ragtime

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    He desperately wanted revenge, and ended up shooting White. Thaw was put in a mental institution after the murder, leaving Evelyn alone. With Thaw gone, Evelyn’s beauty “was wasted away before cheap audiences” (Taylor, 1). Evelyn revolutionized the role of women’s sexuality in society. She was open with her

  • Allen Stanford 's Ponzi Scheme

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    of white collar crime. As stated on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission website, “a Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud that involves the payment of purported returns to earlier investors by the contribution of new investors that promises to generate high returns with little or no risk” ( These schemes take advantage of people who put their faith in the offender out of trust or any other personal reason and in the case of Allen Stanford it is no different. Allen Stanford used

  • Analysis Of The Book ' Collis Potter '

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    Collis Potter Huntington was a man who was known for his nonstop ambition, great railroad builder and an extraordinary financier. Many people know him as part of “The Big Four” or the man who was involved in the transcontinetal railroads. The transcontinental railroads was Huntington’s prodigious project of his lifetime, but he had his hand in a little bit of every business in the United States. Huntington’s ambition did not let him stop after his success with the transcontinental railroad, he kept

  • Banking Fraud And The Banking Industry

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    agent or any other financial institution. In many countries and especially the United States, bank fraud is a criminal offense even though experts refer to it as a white collar crime due to the manner in which it is carried out. The paper below will look at the vulnerabilities that face the banking industry while using the example of Stanford Financial Group Company to show how the banking fraud can be committed. Moreover, the paper will also look at the different frauds that can be committed in the

  • Power In The Stanford Prison Experiment

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    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men”. John Dalberg-Acton has an extremely interesting theory, which is proven to be true many years later during the Stanford Prison Experiment. Occurring in 1971, the Stanford Prison Experiment was lead by Philip Zimbardo, a psychologist and teacher at the university. He wanted to investigate how ‘normal’ people responded to authority when put into a vulnerable position. It was originally designed to

  • Being Googley Has Its Perks

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    company that did not actually exist,” (“Google Inc.” 2012 ) received their first investment of $100,000. This small startup company, originally named Backrub, was founded by two Stanford University PhD students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, in 1996. What started out as an internet search engine utilized by the students at Stanford University, became the world’s largest search engine in 2000. In just 4 years these two students took a research project and turned it into a profitable business, which is now

  • Hp and Cisco

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    The HP-Cisco Alliance In early 1997, the first HP-Cisco alliance was first formed. HP was Cisco’s first publicly announced strategic alliance partner. The agreement between the two companies focused on technology collaboration, product integration, professional services, and customer support. The first contract lasted until February of 2002, when both HP and Cisco decided to further formalize and expand their alliance by signing a new contract. Shortly afterwards in March of 2002, HP merged

  • John Steinbeck 's East Of Eden

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    As a father hoping to leave an inspirational impression on his sons, John Steinbeck portrays experiences he acquired from his childhood in the novel East of Eden through the characters’ conflicts and actions to encourage them to write their own story not dictated by their roots. Steinbeck admits in Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters that he “hopes his two young sons will find meaning in life when they grow and acquire the experiences to understand.” Steinbeck 's failure to feel accepted