Stanley Kramer

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  • High Noon Film Analysis Summaries

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    High Noon, a Plea for Help High Noon opens on a lone rider and quickly establishes the suspense which drives the film. With Gary Cooper at the helm, High Noon comfortably takes its place in the canon of classic Western films. Except it is not the mythic Western that echoes James Fennimore Cooper’s 1823 novel The Pioneers. Rather than drawing on the process of taming the frontier and promoting Americanization, High Noon serves as an allegory for mid-twentieth century political fervor and mistrust

  • High Noon : A Formal Analysis Of High Noon

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    Standing Your Ground: A Formal Analysis of High Noon Kane, the main character in High Noon is a Hero. He didn't slay dragons or walk through fire. He didn’t conquer the world or go on an adventurous quest. However, he did something most people are afraid to do. He stood up for what he believed in regardless of whether he stood alone. Made by Carl Foreman, this movie contained a marshal named Kane. News went around town that Frank Miller, a criminal Kane put in prison a while back, was coming to

  • Analysis Of Stanley Kramer 's ' Inherit The Wind '

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    In Stanley Kramer’s film, “Inherit the Wind”; the movie is focused on the 1925 Scopes trial that occurred in Dayton, Tennessee. John Scopes, a substitute high school teacher at the time, was accused of violating the Butler Act which said it teaching the theory of human evolution in any state funded school was unlawful. He was arrested for going against the state law and the trial The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes was held in Dayton, Tennessee. The trial was started in order to attract

  • Guess Who 's Coming At Dinner Directed By Stanley Kramer

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    Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner directed by Stanley Kramer is a controversial movie from the late 1960’s. The premise of the film is a young white woman named Joey Drayton (Katharine Houghton); who falls in love with an older African American Doctor John Prentice, (Sidney Poitier). The new loving couple meets in Hawaii and after ten days of knowing each other are engaged. Joanna Drayton sees no difference between her and John, she is in love and ready to marry her new fiancé, She insist he meet her

  • Applying Theoretical Interventions For Clients Experiencing Life Transition And Developmental Issues

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    Developmental Issues Valencia W. Wright Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy HUMN – 6356 – 3 Dr. E. Roberts Walden University April 24, 2016 The purpose of this movie is to take a closer look at the subject matter of the 1979 movie Kramer vs. Kramer. I will be observing at the overall plot of the film, the different subtle moments the affected the plot and what results changed the characters. Therefore, I will give my own statements on the overall tone and conclusion of the movie. The

  • Analysis Of Fareed Zakaria On America 's Education System

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    fascination for America at a young age. Hollywood was one of the main reasons he gained so much knowledge for America’s culture. He gained a passion for American television and film. He watched films and shows such as The Poseidon Adventure, Kramer vs. Kramer, Dallas, and I love Lucy. Zakaria himself writes, “The hottest show at the time was Dallas, which we all devoured. The scenes during the opening credits were my window into the American dream: shining shots of gleaming skyscrapers, helicopters

  • A Co Parenting Plan

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    Systemic Analysis As a divorced couple with a child, Ted and Joanna Kramer came to therapy to resolve their presenting problem: coming up with a co-parenting plan. Billy is the identified patient because his parents are triangulating him into their conflict. Triangulation occurs when parent are incapable of working out their problems, so they bring a child who becomes the focus of the problem (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013, p. 284). According to Goldenberg and Goldenberg (2013), each parent demands

  • The 's Central Themes : Redemption And Family Ties

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    In Kramer v. Kramer (Benton, 1979), the use of motifs helps explore the film’s central themes: redemption and family ties. As Ted Kramer experiences and embraces the perils of fatherhood, the film notes the changes in his life through the use of careful cinematography, framing, and editing. Motifs such as establishing shots, props such as plants and pictures, and Ted’s interactions with his family. Though the film is set in the dense urban jungle of New York City, the framing of nature imagery and

  • Kramer Vs Kramer : Movie Review : Kramer Vs. Kramer

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    Kramer vs. Kramer is a 1970s movie that depicts a couple’s divorce and child custody battle. Ted Kramer is an advertising executive workaholic, who in the beginning of the movie was given the opportunity to work on an important account. As Ted arrives home to tell his wife, Joanna, the news she blurts out that she’s leaving him. Ted and Joanna have a 6-year-old son named, Billy. Ted asks Joanna if she was taking Billy with her, and Joanna responded that she needed to “find herself” and “she’s

  • Compare And Contrast This Is England And God's Own Country

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    The film ‘This is England’ from 1983 is based on writer and director Shane Meadows’ own experience as a youngster. In the 19th century Britain was transformed from an agricultural to a modern industrial country. Conversely, in the 20th century Britain lost much of her economic and political power. The trailer ‘God’s Own County’ by Francis Lee, is about this young farmer Johnny Saxby numbs his daily frustrations with binge drinking and casual sex. Both films are about immigration and integration.