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  • The Andrea Doria And The Collisions Of The Andrea Doria

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    The night of July 25, 1956 the Stockholm, a Swedish passenger liner, collided into the Andrea Doria, Italian luxury liner, south of Nantucket. The collision claimed 46 lives onboard the Andrea Doria and five lives onboard the Stockholm. This was the world’s first RADAR assisted collision at sea (Halpern, 2008). However, the collision was not caused by a RADAR malfunction. The collision was a result from the incompetence of the crew with the RADAR and the overall misconduct of the crew. The fog

  • Creative Story : A Short Story

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    "All that lead we hung off her bottom is good for something, eh, Jipper? Hang on, boy!" Nick cried. "I'll think of something!" But what, his mind answered, whatever could he do? He knew that the next wave they took broadside would be their last. He fought the tiller, determined to get the towering waves on Petrel 's stern. It was his only chance. Just at that moment Petrel was lifted high above a cavernous trough by the hand of another huge wave. For a brief moment, Nick could see most of the northern

  • Case Study: Ship Casualty Project

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    Ship Casualty Project On the April 23, 2013, 0817 local time, “American Dynasty” was approaching a graving dock at Esquimalt in British Columbia, Canada, (48°25.9’N, 123°25.8’W) when it suffered an electrical power and propulsion failure. The “American Dynasty” drifted off course and collided with the Canadian frigate, HMCS “Winnipeg” FFH 338, which was moored nearby. Both of the vessels sustained structural damages, as well as the naval pier to which HMCS “Winnipeg” was moored. Six shipyard workers

  • Is RMS Lusitania a Conspriacy or Not?

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    Probably the most important incident happened on 7th May 1915 when the British passenger liner RMS Lusitania were sank by German U-20 led by Capitan Walther Schweiger with one torpedo hit and a second explosion triggered by coal dust and other explosives within 18 minutes. About a thousand people lost their life, among them about 100 Americans. Hence American protest were quite sharp and this incident dragged the United States into the war. However the incident itself contains some unexplained mysteries

  • The Sinking of the Titanic in Dusk to Dawn by Dr. Paul J. Quinn

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    The sinking of the luxurious Titanic was a traffic disaster that could have been avoided. Dr. Paul J Quinn stated in his book Dusk to Dawn " The Titanic had actually been designed to carry forty-eight lifeboats but was rejected because it made the deck look cluttered"(11). The sinking could have been avoided if the Titanic crew had not over estimated its strength, and had listened carefully to the warnings of numerous other ships, and if the crew managed the rescue efforts into the lifeboats correctly

  • Essay on The Sinking of the Lusitania

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    The Sinking of the Lusitania On the 7 May 1915 at 14:30, then 240 metre long and 27 meter wide ship the Lusitania sunk to the sea bed. Despite the fact that so many were killed, 1,195 people, this ship has not become one of history’s most well known vessels, unlike the Titanic. This is due to the fact that the Lusitania was sunk by the Germans during the First World War. The Lusitania and her sister ship, the Mauretania, were built by John Brown & CO Ltd in Glasgow

  • The Breakdown Of The Titanic

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    On Sunday, April 14th, 1912 at 11:40PM the starboard side of the Titanic scraped along an iceberg. The passengers felt a vibrating jar. Water Began to rush into the 300 foot gash. First Officer, William Murdoch quickly closed the watertight doors. Captain Smith returned to the bridge and asked Officer Murdoch, “What have we struck?” Murdoch confirmed that the Titanic had struck an iceberg. Captain Smith asked Fourth Officer Boxhall to inspect the forward area of the hull. Officer Boxhall hurried

  • The Titanic : The Story Of The Titanic

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    The Titanic, the pride and joy of the White Star Line and, at the time, the largest moving object ever built. She was the most luxurious liner of her era, named the "ship of dreams". This legendary ship was known to be unsinkable, until April 15 1912. It is commonly believed that this “unsinkable” ship hit an iceberg that night and sank in the northern atlantic. But how is this possible? On a night with perfect weather and prior warning about the dangers of ice ahead? Maybe this isn't what happened

  • The Emerald School Of Living And Learning Mission Statement

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    The Emerald School of Living and Learning is an elementary school located in Oakland, California. Our mission statement is as follows: The Emerald School of Living and Learning incorporates an environment that is committed to providing a safe space for children to learn how to care, nurture and stand up for what they believe in. To respect themselves and the diversity amongst their classmates. This is what we stand for even when nobody's watching. This is what the Emerald School absolutely embodies

  • Carnival Cruise Lines Case Study

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    turned that he saw the huge rock below them. He ordered another turn, this time away from the rock. The bow and midsection cleared the rock, but the stern hit the rocks. “The problem was that I went to starboard trying to avoid it, and that was the mistake, because I should not have gone starboard,” Schettino told prosecutors. “I made an imprudent decision. Nothing would have happened if I had not set the