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  • Everlasting : A Short Story

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    Everlasting "Honey, I'm done packing the stuff!" My mom called from the car. She left the door swinging wide open, so it was easy for me to hear her. I threw in my clothes and just about everything I owned into my three suitcases. "What am I forgetting? I know there's something I'm missing." I muttered to myself. Crap. All my toiletries. All of them. I raced to the bathroom and grabbed the bag barely noticing it. "Coming!" I shouted, practically jumping down three, four steps at a time. "Oh, sweetie

  • Erykah Alternate Ending

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    against the shore. She wakes up several hours later her skin now a deep bronze, at least on her front any way she realizes she’ll have to sleep on her stomach tomorrow. She spares a moment to look out at the ocean. That’s when she sees him, a swimmer staring at him. He’s next to the buoy bobbing up and down in plain

  • Creative Writing: Elie Wiesel's Night-Personal Narrative

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    Nino stared at me the whole entire time as Eli and I ate the food. I’m not talking about him just looking at us. I’m talking about a real stare down that you can feel at the back of your head someone staring hard. When I do lock eyes with Nino he wouldn’t look away he would try to hold my gaze for as long as he can, as if he’s trying to talk to me through he’s eyes like I would understand. Eli never left my side again after finding him with Marie by accident. Marie been shooting glares at me if she

  • Breaking Gender Norms Essay

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    Breaking gender norms seems like taking on the impossible. Luckily, the impossible became possible. For violating a gendered norm, I choose to stare into the eyes of people I found to be dominant and hold position in my life. Eye contact is a form of nonverbal communication that shows that you are engaged and listening in the conversation. Also, illuminating to equality between you and the person your conversing with. Whether I knew the person I was conversing with or not I was up for the task.

  • Short Story

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    It was Christmas Eve day in London, England 2015 and Baltimore was in a staring with his cat Shawlings. “Blast!!!” he called out. “You’ve beaten me once again in another staring contest, Shawlings. I don’t know how you do it”. Shawlings starred as Baltimore hopped off of his bed to get his phone and text his all-time and only best friend Sebastian. Baltimore: Hey, Bastian, you wanna come over now?... He noticed that Sebastian hadn’t texted back as fast as usual. He looks over to Shawlings. “He isn’t

  • Descriptivetive Of The Beast : Personal Narrative : The Beast

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    Scared to turn my head in the direction they were staring at it was Brooklyn’s dog. He was flying through the air. His feet one by one landed on the tramp, and making the tramp scream as if he was a roller coaster making people scream. There standing was the beast. I felt like it was a stare down. Neither one of us dared to blink and then the dog blinked. When he was barely going to close his eye I decided to move a little away from where he was staring. He noticed he hurried and opened his eyes. He

  • The Story of a Remarkable, Average Man Names Florian

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    snouts and madmen in boats, of a wanderer with a spyglass, and of many other things that need not be mentioned here. He rose in the morning as he always did, by hitting his alarm clock until it shut up. He shuffled to the bathroom, where he had a staring contest with his bedraggled reflection. The thin face with dark brown bedhead stared back at him and stuck out its tongue. Florian showered and dressed quickly, donning his very favorite tie (a navy blue one with oranges on it), drank a cup of coffee

  • Annie Dialectical Journal

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    exchange a look of uncertainty with each other before they step forward, eyes narrowed and lips pressed into a thin line, untrusting and wary. Annie stifles the laugh which threatens to spill from her and keeps her gaze fixed on Armin. She notices him staring back at her, an indistinguishable glint in his eyes, and licks her lips, tantalizing him. She can’t fend

  • My Experience In Middle School

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    of and I told myself,"Don't let anyone get in the way". As the first bell rung, I was worried. I took my seat at 8:15 and I already began to lose my focus. I stared at all the new faces although I had yet to learn the names of my new peers. My staring contest was interrupted by a sheet of paper on my desk. It hauntingly said- "SYLLABUS." "New Girl" became my name for the next couple of months, as nobody knew what else to call me. My nickname over time seemed to be a pleasant shortcut rather than a

  • Creative Story: Dorko Essay

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    of employment." "Since my stomach's arrow is starting to point to 'E', perhaps I will commence the ordering process. Let me take a minute to think this over." Time passes without so much as a breath. Dorko seems to be having a staring contest with the back of his hand. Suddenly Dorko continues the conversation. "...58 ...59 ...60. Okay, where were we? Oh yeah, my order." Let us briefly take a couple seconds out of the main story to notice that Dorko is not wearing a watch