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  • Essay On Thad Beaumont

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    When the main character of this story is very young, he takes a passion in writing opening up a much darker side. During writing Thad Beaumont the main character uses a cover or pen name known as George Stark. Later in the book this alter ego comes to life and brings up the major question is Thad the killer or has his psycho image came to life and came to haunt him. Starting this book it kicks off from the beginning with a weird off the wall, turn of events that is never expected. When the young

  • Art Museum Of Fort Worth Texas

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    continued at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth Texas. Louis Kahn is a modern architect that designed the Kimbell Art Museum. Kahn emerged from the Beaux-Arts movement but became one of the foremost American Modernist architects of the 1950’s and 60’s (Kimball, 1990). Kahn created a building for the Kimbell Art Museum that also complimented the art and did not distract the viewer (Kimball, 1990). He was commissioned to design the Kimbell Art Museum from 1966-1972). “Kahn’s museums are individual to

  • What Is The Reflection Of Georgi Georgia's Black Place

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    Oppositely, in NY series where blue colors appeared, it was a harsh ocean blue combined with oxide black. For example, “Radiator Building – Night,” oil on canvas of an Art Deco skyscraper in front of a night backdrop with two contrasting building on either side. The left building has a horizontal line that is fire hydrant red; a stark geometric form that is strong and intimidating. Compared to the building on the right, the Radiant Building, with smoke protruding out; the soft organic lines blend into

  • Grand Rapids Art Museum Analysis

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    Rapids Art Museum is modern architecture design in the Bauhaus style that focuses on art, design, and creativity. The whole museum is about 125,000 square feet building, among 20,000 square feet of gallery and exhibition space. Its holdings include notable modern art works. The museum has collected 5,000 works of art, which including over 3,500 prints, drawings and photographs. The whole building of the Grand Rapids Art Museum is modern architecture design in the Bauhaus style. The museum is focus

  • Grand Rapids Art Museum Report

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    I visited the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM). I have not visited a museum since 2009 with my children’s kindergarten class. This was a different experience because; the last tour was at the Van Andel Museum which has different type of art. I have worked across from the GRAM for about 12 years. I have only been inside twice, and that was to purchase Laughfest tickets. This project gave me the opportunity to visit. I took advantage of the free admission days on Thursday evenings. My first impression

  • Stark Love To The Tennessee Theatre Film Analysis

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    (not sure who all we might want to list since there are several sponsors) are thrilled to screen choice selections from the archive at the Tennessee Theatre on Saturday, August 15. We’re also very excited to bring Paramount Picture’s 1927 feature Stark Love to the Tennessee Theatre in glorious 35mm film! Included in 2009 to the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress, this silent classic

  • New York Museum History

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    be set to understand the context, of New York, as the capital of the political cultural world on the 20th century. You have a series of buildings, which defines New York as the cultural epicenter. Starting with the Museum of Modern Art, which is the museum built exclusively for modern art in the New International Style by Philip L. Goodwin and Edward D. Stone in 1939, then the United Nations Headquarters, which established New York as a political capital of the new global world designed by Oscar Niemeyer

  • What Category Does The Art Fall Under? How Can You Tell?

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    What category does the art fall under? How can you tell? This painting falls under the category of an impressionist painting. You are able to tell that it is an impressionist painting because the lines of paint are blended on the canvas and not on a pallet. The lines are little brush strokes and not big blended ones. How does the artist use color? Are there stark contrasts or is it blended? Are there symbolic meanings behind the color choices? The artist does not use many colors in this painting

  • Pop Art Observation

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    On a frigid and blustery winter morning in early February. I and my classmates ventured out on an excursion to the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Streeterville area of Chicago. The exhibit we were to view was the Pop Art show, which intrigued me as I am a huge fan of Roy Lichtenstein work. But as strolled about the different artist collections I was drawn back to a piece by Andy Warhol entitled Jackie Frieze 1964. The sadness in her eyes were simply captivating as well as, her twinkling eyes

  • Understanding the Artwork of Domenikos Theotokopoulos

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    Greco's only pure landscape, is a wonderful example of this cultural clash that highlighted El Greco's artistry, and it provides a stark example of this confrontation between cultures, as it features a dramatic difference between the earth and the sky in the landscape of Toledo, Spain. El Greco was born in the Greek island of Crete. Although he engaged in other forms of art, El Greco was best known as a painter, particularly a