Started a Fire

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  • We have always lived in the Castle

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    She started listing off poisonous foods and their effect on the human body. On top of that, she trashed his bedroom to the point where it became unrecognizable. Her last act of violence towards Charles was when she started a fire in his bedroom which had successfully gotten her rid of him. She had said: "There would be nothing of Charles in there now, even his pipe must have been consumed [by the fire]" (p.102). In this scene, Merricat had repeatedly said that the fire that she had started was Charles'

  • short narrative essay (avalanche)

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    Zane Farrell had last seen another creature what he guessed was about six hours ago. As far as he knew he was about thirty miles north of Bull Creek, at the local ski area- Bull Mountain. Unsure of his exact location, cold and growing weary he started his tedious climb up what he thought was the northern side of the peak, he was unsure how he got to where he was, but his best guess was that when he

  • Summary Of ' You 're A Liar '

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    can’t see her! Nothing you do is going to bring her back, quit screaming.” With that a nurse walked into the room, it took every ounce of energy the doctor and his uncle had to pin Chay down while the nurse gave him a shot. That afternoon as the shot started wearing off, Chay could hear people crying. Still groggy, Chay stumbled into the living room full of people. At first he thought he was in a dream. I’m not sure if it was the people trying to hug him, the people crying or the people who kept

  • Personal Narrative: The Wild Essay

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    because it was so dark. And with my luck my phone died so I couldn’t call anyone for help, so I just started walking and walking after a little bit I realized I was getting nowhere so again I walked eventually I just fell and went to

  • To Do List: A Brave New World

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    Completely forgetting that our parents had forbid me to turn on the fireplace, but the idea of proving to them that I am old and mature enough to start a fire kept me going. Clara, my sister, was upstairs waiting for me but I needed a moment alone to collect my thoughts. A lot had happened that past week and I wasn’t quit sure how to proceed. So I went outside to take a walk as I reached the river in front

  • I Am Number 4 Essay

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    I am number 4 is a book about a peaceful alien race called the Loriens and another more hostile race called the Mongadorians. The Loriens faced the same problems we are having now, climate change, war and famines 2,500 years ago. The Loriens decided to rid their planed of everything harmful to the environment and war machines. The Mongadorians are experiencing the same problems now but they took the total opposite path. The Mongadorians decided to attack the closest planet to them and take their

  • A Dream : A Short Story : The Story

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    continued to daydream. An hour into his flight, the pilot came over the speakers and announced they would have to go through a blizzard on their approach to Denver, so to fasten their seat belts and expect some turbulence. Soon thereafter, the plane started bouncing so much that Jack became afraid. Suddenly all the lights turned off, the oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling, and the plane began to nose dive. Jacks heart filled with fear as he heard screaming. He could hear metal cracking right before

  • Cleo's Obsession: A Narrative Fiction

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    As she opened the door, she hoped to herself that the inside was nearly as well done, to her delight... it was. The carpenters had fully replaced the banister and painted it and the blood trail was gone from the hardwood. All of the workers were huddled inside the cafe sipping on some coffee, they appeared to be taking a break. Her heart began to race as she ran up the stairs, it was rounding on five and they couldn’t afford a break...or could they. Cleo froze on the top step, it was unimaginable

  • Critical Analysis Of Throwaway People By Liliana Segura

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    punishment. There were a couple boys Trina wanted to hang out with (thirteen-year-old Brian Harvey and six-year-old Derrick Harvey), but the boy’s mom (Sylvia Harvey) would not allow it. Out of anger, Trina had started a fire in the boy’s house when she was around fourteen years of age. That fire had gotten out of control and ended up killing the two young boys Trina so desperately wanted to hang out with. Trina ended up in the court system charged with murder. The court was a slow and horrific process

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Maniacal Serial Killer

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    Brittany, Eric, Jacobi, Frank and I to have some fun. It was merely 2 o’clock p.m., when we decided to go to an open field in the woods to camp out. We all packed our gear and food and anything else to assist us in the camp. We left from my house and started the 30 minute drive to the field. When we arrived there, set both tents up, the boys in one and the girls in another. After everything was complete, we sat on the grass and chatted for a bit. Thinking of activities we can do to have fun, Jacobi shouted