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  • Causes Of Subway Accidents

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    In order to minimize the number of subway accidents, motor vehicle collisions and airplane accidents, state and federal agencies regulate the transportation industry. If a subway accident occurs, safety boards, inspectors and investigators are called upon to investigate the incident. At some point, light rail, subway and commuter rail have all been investigated. Although the injuries sustained during a subway accident are usually much less extensive than those seen in automobile accidents, more

  • Essay on NUR/405 Windshield Survey and reflection with table format

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    Windshield Survey and Reflection Windshield Survey and Reflection A windshield survey was conducted in the community of Staten Island, New York to obtain a detailed assessment through visual observations within the surroundings of the community. There are many variations of the definition of community one coming from the World Health Organization defining community as “A group of people, often living in a defined geographical area, who may share a common culture, values and norms, and are arranged

  • Ecology And Landscape As Agents Of Creativity

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    Landfill to Landscape competition, it is necessary to explore how Fresh Kills became known worldwide as the World’s Largest Landfill in the first place. For millennia, Fresh Kills was as salt marsh bordered by the Arthur Kill, the waterway separating Staten Island from New Jersey. Though the

  • Analysis Of The Pigman

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    The Pigman written by Paul Zindel is based on two teenagers lives, it shows both of their perspectives throughout the book. The genre of this book is young adult fiction, which is targeted for teenagers. The Pigman was published in 1968, when Paul was only 32 years old. The book went on to win a total of eight awards, being Paul's second book to win any awards. There are many characters mentioned throughout the book, but the most important ones are John Conlan, Lorraine Jensen and Angelo Pignati

  • Glitters Island Natural Disasters

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    Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York City. Now it is so hard to believe that once Staten Island was a dump, which closed in 2001. Now, this inhabited locality is developing very fast. Life there is quiet and nice, compared to other districts of New York, seems like less populated and more like a suburb. Staten Island may be the most dangerous place to live on the East Coast of the United States. That is the conclusion that many meteorologists, geologists and inhabitants of the borough

  • The Island Is Small, The North Shore Is Part Of A Huge Project Coming Up

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    Although Staten Island is small, the North Shore is part of a huge project coming up. Next to the Saint George Terminal, Richard Marin is looking to create the Empire Outlets, and the New York Wheel, a 630 foot tall Ferris wheel. When Marin started discussing the development project, he already had nearly 200 million dollars set, however, still needed to work out how he was going to get the other 300 million dollars (Hughes, 2015). An article in the New York Post, written by Associated Press (2014)

  • Essay on Rudolph Giuliani

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    Coming from another state I had not heard or learnt about Rudy Giuliani prior to the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001. I could not have told you the Mayor of New York's name before the attacks, but as the rubble was cleaned up and the spirit and patriotism of America grew, Mayor Giuliani was front and center. Such a disastrous situation could not have been handled as cautiously and swiftly as Giuliani handled it. It became quite clear that Mayor Giuliani was not your average politician

  • Zindel's Use of Literary Devices in The Pigman Essay

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    children's book editor from Harper and Row asked Zindel if he wanted to be a writer and he accepted. He soon came out with The Pigman a Story about two teenagers that have an unlikely friendship with an old man. Paul Zindel was born on May 15th 1936 on Staten Island, New York. When John and Lorraine started messing around with Mr.Pignati all of their lives went from faulty to terrible. This happened

  • Fresh Kills Landfill : The Largest Landfill Of The World

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    Fresh Kills Landfill, the largest landfill in the world (former), is located in Staten Island, New York. It is a total of 2200 acres where it opened in 1948 and lasted until March of 2001. The initial goal of the landfill was to remain open for five years, yet it was open longer, if not for a few decades. This landfill was one of the dominant landfills for storing garbage collected around New York City. Around 1986-1987, Fresh Kills landfill received approximately 29,000 tons of trash per day and

  • I Am A Native Staten Islander

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    I am a native Staten Islander. Both my parents and set of grandparents were born on Staten Island as well, so it 's no surprise I was too. Much of my family lives on Staten Island and my whole childhood memories and reflections are all based off being Staten Island. I do appreciate the childhood memories I have as well as some of the people I have met, but I have mixed feelings overall about where I am from and most days I do not like it. I definitely agree it has both it 's pro 's and con 's at