Statistical significance

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  • Testing Statistical Significance

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    Testing statistical significance is an excellent way to identify probably relevance between a total data set mean/sigma and a smaller sample data set mean/sigma, otherwise known as a population mean/sigma and sample data set mean/sigma. This classification of testing is also very useful in proving probable relevance between data samples. Although testing statistical significance is not a 100% fool proof, if testing to the 95% probability on two data sets the statistical probability is .25% chance

  • Statistical Significance

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    Copyright 1983 by the American Psychological Association, Inc. Statistical Significance, Power, and Effect Size: A Response to the Reexamination of Reviewer Bias Bruce E. Wampold Department of Educational Psychology University of Utah Michael J. Furlong and Donald R. Atkinson Graduate School of Education University of California, Santa Barbara In responding to our study of the influence that statistical significance has on reviewers ' recommendations for the acceptance or rejection of

  • What Does It Mean To Have Statistical Significance?

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    Statistical Significance What does it mean to have statistical significance? Many students including myself confuse us when trying to explain the statistical significance. Upon further research and reading, the best way to describe statistical significance is to define it as “Unlikely due to chance”. In technical terms, statistical significance means, if the null hypothesis is true then there is a low probability it is due to chance. There are a few factors that go into determining statistical significance

  • The Ongoing Tyranny Of Statistical Significance Testing

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    ongoing tyranny of statistical significance testing in biomedical research” describe common misuses and interpretation of statistical significance testing (SST). The authors point out fallacy understanding in interpretive the p-value and how it often mixed in measuring effect size and its precision. This misconception then they assert may impede scientific progress and furthermore become unintended harmful treatment. They also proposed an important way out of the significance fallacies in this article

  • PSY 520 Short Paper 1: Statistical Significance

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    Statistical Significance Angela Mitchell SOUTHERN NEW HAMPSHIRE UNIVERSITY PSY 520 Short Paper 1 Statistical Significance Research results tell us information about data that has been collected. Within the data results, the author states the results are statistically significant, meaning that there is a relationship within either a positive and negative correlation. The M (Mean) of the data tells the average value of the results. The (SD) Standard Deviation is the variability of a set of

  • Evaluation Of Statistics And Error Bars Essay

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    Protect Lipid Membranes from Disruption by Aβ42” Presenting quantities in a research study requires use of statistical methods. Use of statistics help to determine the trend in the studies population. Statistical methods also help to interpret and compare research data and determine significance of the findings. Due to variety of statistical methods, it is crucial to adopt an appropriate statistical approach before the conducting the experiments. Furthermore, the representation of individual data points

  • Pearson's Correlation Paper

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    The statistical tests that were used in the research article were Pearson's correlation which examined the correlations among the Independent variables : Caregiver level of education, Asthma Control, Asthma Management Stress, Life Stress and the Dependent Variable : Caregiver quality of life. The use of the Pearson's correlation was an appropriate test since the authors indicated in the beginning of the research article that their study would be examining the interrelationships of asthma control

  • Synapsin Staining Report

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    there was a positive correlation between the amount of time the samples were left in the antibody solutions and staining results. The longer the samples were left in the antibody solution, the better the staining results were as attested by the statistical

  • Women's Experience Mortgage Credit

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    other studies, Woodstock Institute [10] and Cyr [11]. Dietrich and Johannsson [15] study used a multivariate model, which control for economic factors considered during the underwriting decision. They found 15 of 18 fair lending exams had no statistical gender effect on the decision to deny a mortgage. The Robinson [9] study found that applications for low-income women were more likely to be originated than men of similar income. Awoonor-Williams [14] found that being a female statistically did

  • Evaluation Of A Treatment With Suspension Therapy Post Treatment

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    The statistical data was treated to show the mean and the standard deviation (SD). Student t-test was then applied to examine the significance of the treatment of each group. No significance was observed when comparing the pretreatment mean values of the two groups showing high values in the stability indices and indicating all participants had balance problems. When comparing the mean and the SD each group pre and post treatment, both groups showed improvement (reduction in values) and statistically