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  • A Journey: Making Art Is A Journey

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    myself and my level of creativity beyond a point I have never before. The expedition aspect of title is basically describing the main topic addressed in this essay and is another word for journey. For my year work drawing I decided that I would do a stippling drawing where I portray a crystal ball that has the Johannesburg skyline. My artworks I shall start off with my own artwork (Image A: Page 6). My artwork conveys a crystal globe with the Johannesburg skyline

  • Female Painting Research Paper

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    I have been in the professional painting business for 10 years now, I am a 39-year-old female. I get a lot of questions and odd looks when they see a female painter, but after they see my work, I get a lot of comments. The comments are usually geared towards how great of a job I do and how neat my painting is, compared to other painters they have hired, in many cases I had to correct other painters work or finish what they started. I have worked with many male painters and only a couple of female

  • Boca Museum Of Art Analysis

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    every which way, its amazing how a piece made entirely of lines with no figures could be so captivating. One of my favorite pieces from the visit was a huge 10 x 9 ft. map that surrounded a middle age woman's face. The artist Frieder Schnock used stippling to create the entire piece, which resonated with me from the previous project we

  • Vision After The Sermon: Jacob Wrestling With The Angel

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    with different techniques that his peers used and was able to decipher what made his paintings work. One particular counterpart was Georges Seurat, a French Post-Impressionist painter. Seurat used the technique of stippling and divisionism when rendering his paintings. His stippling technique required a fine, soft hand. Divisionism, was used to separate colors so that they were individual components of a painting. The separation of pigments would interact with one another to create an overall

  • Pros And Cons Of Rigor Mortis

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    Good Evening Duncan, Bradley, in response to your discussion post concerning rigor mortis the Encyclopedia of the death and dying (n. d). highlights that within the first two to six hours of death rigor mortis begins in eyelids, neck, and jaw. The author suggests that rigor mortis first begins in the eyelids neck and jaw possibly because of the lactic acids found in muscles. Within the next four to six hours rigor mortis begins in the internal organs. Rigor mortis can be determined by analyzing smaller

  • What Is The Theme Of The Lady's Last Cake By William Hogarth

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    The Lady’s Last Stake was painted by William Hogarth in 1759 for the First Earl of Charlemont, James Caulfield. The size of the painting itself is smaller than I expected The medium of this painting is oil on canvas. The advantage of using oil paint on canvas is that the paint is wet longer and makes the painting appear to be shiny. However, by using oil paint Hogarth had to follow certain rules so that the painting would not go brittle as quickly. The painting itself appears to be unified with no

  • Negative Impression And Negative Impressions Essay

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    Fpositive impression and negative impression. Positive impressions are known as an impression that results in accumulating dirt underneath the sole of the shoes and then depositing on a clean surface. Negative impressions are known as impressions that are made by clean shoe stepping on a dirty surface, thus removing dust from the surface where the shoe sole made contact (1, 4). In figure 1, you can see the footwear impression on a hard surface and soft surface resulting from positive and negative

  • Concealer Research Paper

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    Using a top-notch concealer is key to achieving a flawless appearing makeup application. The best concealers cover discolorations, lighten dark areas, disguise blemishes, and work in tandem with your foundation to achieve the appearance of an even skin tone. On the other hand, a poorly formulated or improperly applied concealer can draw attention to problem areas, make blemishes look more obvious, and create a white cast around dark areas, especially under the eye. The key is knowing which type

  • Clinical Futures

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    around them. • The color of the attached gingiva is pale or coral pink. It may be pigmented in some patients. • The texture of the attached gingiva may have a dimpled appearance similar to the skin of an orange peel. This characteristic is known as stippling, and may be present in 40 % of adults. • The depth of a clinically normal gingival sulcus is from 1 to 3 mm. • In the healthy gingival sulcus, little or no fluid is found. • Interdental papillae fills the interdental embrasure between two adjacent

  • Midterm Portfolio Paper: Charcoal And Figure Drawing

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    F2016 Midterm Portfolio Paper One way that my drawing ability has grown is through my use of charcoal and figure drawing. I have never really liked using charcoal and have never been very good at using it as a medium. However since we have been using aminy charcoal in this class I have gotten much better at using it, in different ways and to doing different things with the charcoal. I also feel as if my figure drawing skills have improved. Even though my figure drawings are still not the best