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  • Concert Report Essay

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    Pearl, and I thought it was worthy of writing a report on.      If one has ever been a fan of Pearl Jam, they of course know that Eddie Vedder is the lead singer, and right beside him with his wicked lead guitar playing, Stone Gossard. The other guys on the strings are, Mike McCready on guitar, and Jeff Ament on bass. My favorite band player of any band is the drummer, and for Pearl Jam, this guy is Matt Cameron. He is the only unoriginal band member when they

  • Analysis Of Given To Fly By Eddie Vedder

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    In 1991 when Eddie Vedder wrote and performed his album Ten, he knew he was competing with the big time grunge band; Nirvana. Once it hit the stage it was clear there was no competition. Eddie’s deep, emotional messages throughout this album, his shaky, raspy voice that transfers from screaming lyrics to soft, poetic like speaking. All tied together with his hard to hate persona that can be heard throughout this album and every album made by Eddie Vedder. In the song Given To Fly Eddie says "He

  • Summary Of ' Emily ' Story '

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    Emily’s Story I am sure everybody has read, or seen my posts about this life changing program, and what it means to me. But many of you do not know my story, and my WHY. 13 years ago on July 19, 2004 I was visiting my family in San Angelo TX. My 1-year-old daughter and I were running into town to run a few errands. But before that I wanted to go out to my mom’s house in the country and fill up my daughter’s bottle with soy milk. I pulled up to my mom’s house and decided to leave my daughter in

  • My Courage In Life

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    Courage is different for everyone, but no matter the description everyone experiences moments during life where they have to be courageous. I believe courage is being brave enough to face your fears and overcome adversities, and not look back. Many people’s fears decrease as they face them more, but for me mine only got worse the more I moved, and the older I got. For many people they have to find courage to face new places and situations, which is where I have found the most courage in my life.

  • My Experience : My Personal Experience

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    My Personal Experience Friday, September 13, 2013 was my worst experience ever why? Cause it was the day I lost my mother's she decreased about 4 years ago on she had an asthma attack furthermore, it’s not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. It was hard for me when I first find out she had passed away in, yet I was still young and still in Middle school, but I knew my life was about to change by cause of losing my mother will change the way I see the world. I would characterize my mother's as a

  • The Means Of Love : My True Love

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    Love what does it mean? For me it just means that you will find someone who will always make you feel happy when you're sad. They also will always be there for you no matter when it is or the time. One day it was a normal day except for the fact that I would find my true love would. I was sad and she not even knowing me and who I am. For some reason she still was trying to cheer me up. I did not know why she was trying to make me happy so I started talking to her. After we talked for a little

  • Joy Luck Club Mother Daughter Relationships

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    The mother-daughter relationships represented in Amy Tan’s novel The Joy Luck Club are influenced by many existing factors. Lena St. Clair, Ying-Ying St. Clair’s daughter, is a Chinese-American adult who lives with her forceful husband, Harold. Ying-Ying is a Chinese mother who travelled to America to live a better life after experiencing many hardships in China. Throughout the novel, the relationship between Lena and Ying-Ying is represented as weak and distant. These characters are prevented from

  • Linda Pastan's For a Daughter Leaving Home Essay

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    Linda Pastan’s poem, “For a Daughter Leaving Home,” displays how a parent views the life of his or her daughter by relating it to their daughter’s first bicycle ride. Her bicycle ride represents the difficult and stressful journey that the girl has embarked on throughout her life. Although the girl is now grown up and ready to start a life of her own, her parent is recalling everything about the girl’s life up to this point. The author, Linda Pastan, was born on in1932, on May 27 in New York City

  • Analysis Of I A Sad Daughter By Michael Ondaatje : A Father 's Confession

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    “To A Sad Daughter” by Michael Ondaatje: A Father’s Confession Michael Ondaatje uses a unique approach on how a father can communicate affectionately to his teenage daughter through the use of dramatic monologue. A dramatic monologue, otherwise known as a persona poem, is a monologue in which the character is talking to an unidentifiable listener at a dramatic moment in the speaker’s life. One of Canada’s greatly renowned authors, Ondaatje, is a native of Sri Lanka, but became a Canadian citizen

  • Anne Boleyn - Original Writing

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    The Estonian air blew through her dark locks as she stared out over the rolling waves, finding peace in it. Many years Anne Boleyn had stayed on the Island of Estonina, through the grace of the pure blood vampire Queen Natassa, but she still often longed for her home. Darious, a man who served Natassa, had stayed in England to report things about Elizabeth to Anne. Now news had come that Anne 's daughter would be crowned Queen of England, which filled Anne 's heart with both joy and saddness. When