Strawberry blonde

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  • Creative Writing : Personal Essay

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    “Hey, I noticed we haven’t been talking as much recently. Is everything okay?” I reread the text I’m about to send to Ash three times before I click send. I roll over onto my back and sigh, phone still in my hand’s grip. Where did it all go wrong? Is there even anything wrong? There has to be. It’s been almost three weeks since the last time Ash and I last hung out. She’s away at Washington for an internship, but even distance couldn’t hold them apart. Ashley came down to Atlanta without

  • Briar Short Story

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    “Yes have a seat anywhere” motioning his hands around the desks This nice looking girl with strawberry blonde hair was sitting by herself. I decided to next to her thinking she wouldn't talk to me, Japedo says God kills conceited people so I try not to talk to much in fear I will be killed. As I pulled the chair away from the table it screeched loud enough for everyone to look at me but the strawberry blonde girl did not. I was told by the doctor to make friends and try to make it in the real life

  • Briar : A Short Story : The Story Of The Story

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    Most of the time when you hear the word “story” you automatically think of happy endings. Briar’s story is everything but happy.When Briar was a child she was kidnapped, her story isn’t about her abduction, it is about how it has shaped her environment. In this this story it targets her beliefs. When she was 5, a man named Japedo took her and one other girl named Jessie. Briar and Jessie became best friends. One day someone found the bunker and Briar was put back into life with her mom, dad, and

  • My Cultural Identity Examples

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    I have something; something that cannot be seen or held; something that cannot be heard or smelled. Something that I can’t quite explain; something impossible to exchange. It lies within only me, it must be my cultural identity. Culture to me, is something that reflects not only me, but everyone around me. Culture isn’t where you came from, or where your family came from; it’s you, and every aspect of you. Culture is your likes, your dislikes, your values, your morals, your accomplishments, your

  • Free Essay On Shakespeare's Macbeth-Personal Narrative

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    it was a harsh rainfall that took days to disappear. The diner has been empty since Shimura’s visit. No one bother to question the lack of opening of the shop, guess the blonde did his part in telling them to stay away for the week until further notice. Even though the diner was suppose to be empty, both the brunette and blonde males decided to meet up there for final revisions. Ohta awkwardly pulled at the restricting collar of his dress shirt, he was never one to enjoy the tight neck shirts and

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald's Alice: A Narrative Fiction

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    Six hundred and sixty four. Six hundred sixty five. Six hundred sixty si….The boy stopped counting. He gripped his yoyo tightly in his hand, unwilling to let go once more. He looked over to where his brother sat and sighed deeply at the depressing sight. His brother held a beautiful porcelain doll that looked like it belong to a two-year old girl.His brother spoke softly to the doll,stroking its long black hair “I’m sorry Alice, I didn’t mean to do it…..I tried to save you, I really did.” The boy

  • The Darkest Shadow

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    I used to be one of the most top feared demons in Ambrosine. Then, I was exiled to the human world. Roxie. Exiled. Those were two words that never went together until now. Sure, the Demon Masters are sending me some guy Luka to help, but he wasn't exiled, just summoned. I hate the fact that the Demon Masters would even risk the talk and gossip of exiling one of their best students. Honestly, it made no sense. Yeah, sure. I broke a few laws, whatever. It was only for my dad. I know he would've wanted

  • My Best Friend

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    Quiet, nothing comes out of my mouth as I watch my two best friends giggling with their so-called “new friend”. I watch as I stand next to my rusting faded blue locker squeaking as I shut it. Her blonde hair, tan skin, and short posture resembles mine as she walks down the cluttered 7th grade hallway. Jadyn, my friend joyfully runs to me with a delighted smile, it’s hard to miss her when she’s wearing her favorite bright neon green shirt. Her almond hair is all over her face from her voyage over

  • Persuasive Essay On Blondes

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    How many blondes does it take to screw in a light bulb? Two, one to hold the light bulb and one to spin the ladder. Everyone knows that blondes are dumb. They're always being silly and love having a good time. They don't take life too seriously and are always up for a laugh. They're never ambitious. But hey, at least they're always up for a party. Everyone knows they have more fun. But they're not actually funny. Or sporty. They don't achieve big things. So, if you tell a blonde joke you might

  • The Dark Skin Kid: A Narrative Fiction

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    flood in the truck, Thoe stared at me. I nodded at him standing up reaching out a curled up hand. Three fingers grabbed my hand as I pulled him off the ground. "Can you at least take the shackles of his feet, how can he walk?" I seethed. The man with blonde hair and a cigarette tucked between his lips nodded leaning down to unlock the metal shackles. Now would be a perfect time to attack but it would only end with a bullet being aimed at us. I've had enough guns for the day and I'm sure Theo has too