Strict father model

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  • Summary Of Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior By Amy Chua

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    Amy Chua argues that extremely strict parenting supposedly typical of Asian parents is the way to raise "successful children" in this excerpt of “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior.” This type of parenting places great stress upon achieving academic and musical results, often to the drastic exclusion of many other facets of life. She also is heavily critical of the “Western” style of parenting, critiquing aspects that do not correlate with her typical ways of teaching and guidance. In her article

  • Abortion : Liberals Vs. Conservatives

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    on their own. Both sides being so completely opposite raises the question of which of the two views is correct for handling different aspects in society such as taxes, abortion, capital punishment etc? Lakoff’s two models known as the strict father model and the nurturant family model strive to relate the conservative and liberal views to explain how a conservative and liberal would

  • George Lakoff The Political Mind Analysis

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    called “the strict father model.” Lakoff tries to make a connection between people in politics and the why their minds may work. Lakoff mentions politicians that label themselves has conservatives tend to be categorized under his model of the strict father. Lakoff describes the “strict father” has a moral leader of the family and he must be obeyed. There is evil in the world and the father must protect the family because the mother is unable. The world is full of competition and the father must go out

  • Berkley Moral Politics Summary

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    political spectrum. How someone views this “family” in its ideal state will separate them to either the conservative or liberal political view. Both the conservative and liberal views ideal family models have different characteristics at their core, such as conservatives have the “strict father or positional” model and liberals have the “nurturing parent” at its core according to Lakoff. The

  • Who Is George Lakoff's The All New Don T Think Of An Elephant

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    Strict fathers protect their children from a dangerous world and teach them right from wrong (Lakoff 5). In this model, a moral person is successful and self-reliant, which develops from discipline and the aim for self-interest (Lakoff 5). To illustrate how conservatism functions as a strict father, Lakoff discusses Bush’s use of the words “permission slip” (9). Bush used the metaphor when the U.N

  • Sigmund Freud 's Theory Of Child And Adult Psychology

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    relationship with his mother was unhealthy because of the bond they both shared Freud was his mother’s favorite child. Freud favored his mother because of how strong her mother’s work ethic was. His father had to be strict because he did not succeed in job or in life His father was very strict with all of his children. Freud had a strong bond with his mother because of how she treated him “She expected him to be great, gave him the only oil lamp in the house.” ( Cloninger, 22) Freud mother

  • Theories Of Gender Socialization

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    As a boy my father always kept me away from anything that belonged to a women. He was strict when it came to me liking certain things. He said “ A man is a man; he was born to be strong and take care of the family”. I lived by his words. Growing up I never got close to anything that belonged to a girl. I think I just feared my father and what he might have thought of me. I grew up with an older sister so at times I did get

  • Adhermae-Reginalds Choir Treat Characters

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    Reginald- A construction worker, who paid his way through college, later became a school teacher, grew up in a strict home • He was taught to be independent and believed that nothing came easy. • He learned that being successful was a result of hard work • He was taught that men who are emotional is considered to be “weak” • He grows up and has eight children (6 boys and 2 girls) • Reginald’s beliefs and rigid upbringing was passed down to his children, who now has differentiation of self. However

  • Moral Politics Chapter 1 Summary

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    Politics talks about that politics is about your own world view. The political division between republican and democrat is based on morality. Morality is based on the type of family backgrounds you have or family model you have such as strict father and nurturing father. And these models explain what “common sense” you have in mind, which you may not even aware of. Chapter two talks about the personal worldview problem for american politics, it will bring the questions that either you're more conservative

  • Were Your Parents Strict Research Paper

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    parents strict? Her parents were very strict. They would not allow Shirlene go out with any friends because her sister was extremely ill. Her parents wanted her to stay home and watch her sister. My mother is not as strict. She allows me to leave with friends and have a phone at this age. There are times that my mom will not allow me to go to my friend's house if I am grounded. What was your punishment? When Shirlene was ever caught doing something bad, her father would take