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  • I Attended A Musical Performance By The Diderot String Quartet

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    Diderot String Quartet. The performance was held at the Bruno Walter Auditorium in 111 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, N.Y. at 2:30 p.m. The Diderot String Quartet performance that I attended was titled “Diderot String Quartet: Haydn and his Students.” The Diderot String Quartet performance is titled after the musical pieces of the concert, which included string quartets by Franz Joseph Haydn, Anton Ferdinand Titz, and Ludwig van Beethoven. The first musical piece performed was “String Quartet No. 1 in

  • Joseph Haydn 's Lifelong Involvement With The String Quartet

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    Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)’s lifelong involvement with the string quartet began in the 1750s with a series of works that proved to be among the most auspicious fruits of his early maturity. Haydn had enjoyed success as a singer at the cathedral and at court until his eighteenth year, but from that time on he was obliged to fend for himself as a freelance teacher and musician. As the occasion arose Haydn tried his hand in a variety of musical genres, composing sacred works, and pieces of instrumental

  • The Orion String Quartet and Nash Ensemble: A Concert Review Essay

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    “Mozart for Four Mozart: String Quartet in F Major, K 590 Mozart: Piano Quartet No. 1 in G Minor, K 478 Performed by the Orion String Quartet and the Nash Ensemble” ( For the purposes of this assignment I choose this particular concert because I find Mozart’s music to be intellectual and engaging, requiring deep concentration and an open mind to be able the comprehend the depth of his musical visions. In this paper a will attempt to explore the qualities I like and dislike

  • I Attended The Concert Called Artpower ! Presents : St. Lawrence String Quartet

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    Presents: St. Lawrence String Quartet” at 8pm in CPMC, UCSD. Four artists performed it: Geoff Nuttall, Mark Fewer for violin, Lesley Robertson for viola, and Christopher Constanza for cello. They performed three String quartets, composed in different eras. The first one is “ String Quartet in C major, Op.76, No.3 ‘Emperor’,” composed by Franz Josef Haydn, 1732-1809. The second one is ”Five Pieces for Spring Quartet,” composed by Erwin Schulhoff, in 1923.The third one is “String Quartet in C-Major, Op.61

  • The Father Of String Quartets

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    Known primarily as the "father of string quartets", Joseph Haydn played an extremely important role in the development of the string quartet. When the composer first arrived on the scene, the usual name given to a "string quartet" composition was actually considered a 'divertimento '. This title was a general term to describe any “one on a part” type instrumental music that was compatible with a variety of different music scorings, styles and character. It wasn 't until about 1780 that modern titles/terms

  • The Father Of The String Quartet

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    Joseph Haydn was one of the most acclaimed composers of the Classical Era. Known as the father of the string quartet, he has created music that is withstanding the test of time and only becoming more eminent in today’s choice of literature. Hayden’s String Quartet in C Major, Op. 74, No. 1, Movement III, is one of so many that deserve a closer look and a keen eye to decipher. The use of elements such as balance, harmonic closure, form and modulations are easy to look over at first glance. However

  • Attacca String Quartet Concert

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    My family and I attended the Attacca String Quartet concert at the Glema Mahr Chamber Music Series at Madisonville Community College on September 25, 2017. The musicians were Amy Schroeder, violin; Keiko Tokunaga, violin; Nathan Schram, viola; and Andrew Yee, cello. The concert began around 7:30pm. We had never attended an event such as this, and had no idea of what to expect. The atmosphere was calming, and chic. The volunteers were fabulous and engaging. The lighting was faint and

  • Chamber Music Is A Form Of Chamber Music

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    that it is also called "the music of friends." The ensemble is a more knowns musical group of people who perform instruments and vocal music. In Classical Music, trio and quartet depending on the sound of instruments such as string, piano, and winds instruments which are the most common in this period of the music. String Quartet is composed of 2 violins, viola, and a cello. Also, Piano Trio is constituted of piano, violin, and cello. On October 29, 2017, I attended the "Afternoon of Chamber Music"

  • History of the Viola's Role in Part-Writing for Chamber Music

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    late eighteenth century chamber music was that a single player played each part (thus setting chamber music apart from the orchestra where each string part . . . was played by several players).”[2] A greater equality of part writing can be observed in the mature chamber music, especially string quartets, of Mozart and Beethoven. In Mozart’s last string quartet (K. 590, 1790), the part writing is equalized, and solos are given to the viola, with a considerable degree of virtuosity demanded of the instrument

  • The History of Chamber Music

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    The History of Chamber Music What is chamber music? It is ensemble instrumental music for up to about ten performers with typically one performer to a part. Since circa 1450, there has been instrumental music designed for private playing. These pieces used many instruments and (in Germany) it was common that the folk songs would contain 2-3 countermelodies to expand and elaborate the whole, and to arrange the outcome for groups of instruments. Although the